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07.09.14 -- Why HCE Is Causing A Revolution In Mobile Payment Security

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Holiday Planning For Retail VARs: How Soon Is Too Soon?
By Ally Orlando, contributing writer
By Ally Orlando, contributing writer Retail companies spend much of their year planning for the holiday heyday that occurs between November 1 and December 31. That means VARs have to be one step ahead to get their clients ready for the season. But how soon is too soon — and is there such a thing?
A Happy Hour That Leads To A Happy Year   A Happy Hour That Leads To A Happy Year
Join ScanSource MobilETC for your most beneficial happy hour to date! We’re crisscrossing the country this summer to share key mobility trends from VDC Research, show off new mobile technology, and pick up the tab for a few drinks while you network with industry leaders. FIND YOUR CITY.
Featured Articles
Turning IP-Based POS Systems Into Recurring Revenue
The need for PC-centric POS solutions is waning as a more flexible model emerges. Leveraging cloud and mobile technologies, this model supports thin client and IP-enabled components such as cash drawers and printers.
Bow Tie Cinemas Improve Speed Of Service
Bow Tie had a problem: They were constantly battling data issues; they were missing data, and timely delivery of data analytics was anyone’s guess from week to week. Continuous technology problems were becoming a major inhibitor to their business.
Why HCE Is Causing A Revolution In Mobile Payment Security
By Simon Keates
Consumers remain concerned and confused about mobile payments, creating a barrier to large-scale adoption of the technology. They can hardly be blamed, as security breaches compromising financial as well as other highly sensitive information make headlines on a weekly basis.
Take A Look At The Mobile POS Big Picture
By Cheryl Knight, contributing writer
Mobile point of sale (mPOS) continues to gain popularity, a trend that is a result of retailer efforts to drive sales through a more flexible merchant-customer transaction process. Mobile POS brings the transaction to customers, allowing them to make buying decisions at their own pace.
Connecting Customer Relationships And Loyalty Programs
Although statistics vary, one fact is clear: It costs at least six times more to acquire a new customer than it does to keep an existing customer. Fortunately, loyalty programs that link to a robust retail point of sale system are continuing to boost customer retention efforts.
CompTIA Study: BYOD Implementation Is Slow, Despite Hype
By Ally Orlando, contributing writer
By now, most businesses have heard the buzz surrounding bring-your-own-device (BYOD) initiatives. However, many of them aren’t buying in. A recent CompTIA survey finds that 51 percent of large enterprise firms don’t allow employees to bring their own devices to work.
Securing Stored Cardholder Data — Another Layer To The EMV Puzzle
By Jeremy Gumbley
While recent data breaches in the U.S. have put the spotlight on EMV transactions and the how the U.S. is behind the rest of the world in payments security, there is a “second tier” of security that can be taken on top of implementing EMV.
How Automated Scanning Can Improve The Customer Experience In High-Volume Retailing
By Rusty Hastings
If you are a fan of almost any sports team you have experienced periods where “your” team performed below expectations. Despite state-of-the-art training, new facilities, the best coaching, recruitment of top level talent, even new uniforms, the team makes rookie mistakes, doesn’t work together, and loses games they should be winning.
4 PIAM Trends To Watch In Healthcare
By Ajay Jain
It is an important objective of hospitals to provide a caring and comfortable environment where patients and their families can focus on the healing and recovery process without having to worry about their physical safety. This often poses a dilemma as hospitals work to balance the need to be welcoming and open with the need for strong security.
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