Guest Column | February 11, 2014

Why iPads Are The Right Tablet Choice For Restaurants

By Andre Nataf, Senior Business Development Manager, Digital Dining

Apple has unintentionally built the perfect restaurant arsenal of point of sale (POS) devices for restaurants; offering the iPad, iPad mini, and iPod touch. Restaurateurs love the sleek look — and they are used to using the iOS interface. Many use a Mac at home, so they have an affinity for the iPad. Of course not all POS software that runs on iPads is created equal. An issue that restaurateurs have to be careful with is not assuming that because it is POS software running on an iPad that it is going to have the functionality that they need.  But, on the contrary, great POS software is great POS software, regardless of what device it runs on.

The following four reasons are among the many that support why the iPad is not only the perfect tablet but the perfect POS device for restaurants:

1. Performance. The iPad is one of the brightest and fastest, and it has the best connectivity of any tablet.

2. Space and Design. The iPad not only has a sleek, award-winning look, but it can allow a restaurant to free up space where it might have had a traditional, stationary POS terminal.

3. Cost. For less than $500, a restaurant can have a POS station — and one that keeps a high resale value.

4. Self-reliability. If an iPad breaks, the restaurant can deploy a new one and — through iCloud — have it up and running in less than 5 minutes.