White Paper | August 23, 2010

White Paper: Why Traditional Anti-Malware Solutions Are No Longer Enough

Source: AVG Technologies USA, Inc.

Security used to be a straightforward matter. Email was the primary attack vector and simply installing an antivirus product and exercising caution when opening attachments mitigated the majority of threats. When a system did become infected, the consequences were not usually particularly dire; inconvenience and data loss were the most likely consequences. But times have changed. The Web has become the attack vector of choice and today's threats are rapidly evolving, stealthy and almost always motivated by profit.

This paper provides an overview of the current threat landscape, explains why your current security solution is not enough, and demonstrates how AVG 9.0 can close the gap.

A decade ago, viruses and other forms of malware were authored primarily by young, attention-seeking amateur coders (script kiddies or script bunnies) seeking to earn notoriety in underground hacker communities. The sole purpose of their malicious programs was to inconvenience users by scrambling their data and/or making their computers unstable. While some of their creations caused widespread disruption, the majority were relatively unsophisticated and easily detected and blocked.

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