Magazine Article | March 17, 2014

Win More Healthcare Business With Thermal Wristband Printers

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By Jay McCall

This AIDC VAR won a 1,000 thermal-based wristband printer install with a healthcare organization after demonstrating its solution’s superior quality and lower total cost of ownership (TCO).

SK&T is an AIDC VAR that’s focused on helping healthcare professionals improve their data capture efficiency and accuracy, so its clients can keep their attention where it belongs — on their patients and providing quality care. Healthcare solutions account for 60 percent of SK&T’s revenue.

Effective patient care is predicated on accuracy, but human error is exceptionally difficult to eliminate in the inherently high-touch medical environment. Scanning bar codes produced by reliable thermal printers and labels enables automatic verification and record of medication dispensing. Additionally, these solutions enable healthcare providers to check the national drug code against the prescription order to validate that the correct medication and dosage were dispensed.

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