Guest Column | May 21, 2014

3 Wristband Printer Applications That Ensure Accuracy, Streamline Processes

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Honeywell Wristband Printer

By Tom Roth, senior director, printer product management, Honeywell Scanning & Mobility

When it comes to tracking physical assets, nothing matches the accuracy, simplicity and cost-effectiveness of bar coding. The same holds true for tracking customers — whether they are patients in a hospital setting, attendees at an event, or inmates in a prison. Advances in wristband media technology — such as tamper-resistant closures and features that make them difficult to transfer to another person — have broadened their applicability beyond the traditional hospital setting. Here are some advantages of on-demand wristband printing in some traditional and non-traditional uses cases.

Traditional wristband applications

Effective patient care relies on accuracy, but human error is exceptionally difficult to eliminate in high-touch medical environments. To address this, bar codes and automatic ID technologies are being used increasingly across a wide range of medical practices. Patient wristbands are a common application. Integration of positive patient ID with bar code wristbands eliminate human error, while wristband printers deliver mission-critical printing reliability and provide straightforward compliance with HIPAA regulations for security of patient information.

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