Case Study | January 31, 2013

You Won't Lose Sleep With Datto's Business Continuity

Source: Datto Inc.

ProMission Projects in Idaho is a great example of an MSP with the best interest of their clients in mind.  When a client refused to upgrade their aging server farm, ProMission convinced them to put a Datto SIRIS in place, knowing they’d need a robust backup and disaster recovery solution in place when the servers crashed.  The servers did indeed crash, and ProMission and Datto were able to keep the business running.  ProMission foresight made for a very happy and thankful client.

Here is an excerpt from this case study:

In today’s often challenging economic times clients are trying to squeeze as much life out of their hardware as possible; specifically expensive, outdated, end-of-life servers. The problem—in saving money to delay upgrading an important part of a company’s infrastructure, a crash, and unplanned downtime is a likely outcome. As predicted, a client of ProMission’s with an aging server farm experienced a hard crash. Hard drives in the RAID array dropped faster than anticipated, causing the crash.

To read more about the solution provided for ProMission and the outcome, download this case study now.

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