APG manufactures highly durable and dependable cash drawers. APG has built a reputation as the supplier of choice for retail, hospitality and mobile cash drawer solutions for thousands of customers throughout the world. To learn more about APG’s products, visit http://www.cashdrawer.com or call 763-571-5000. Follow us on Twitter at @apgcashdrawer and on Facebook.

Our Reputation

During our history of more than 30 years, APG Cash Drawer has built a reputation as the supplier of the most durable and dependable cash drawers in the industry. APG's products can be found in a variety of retail environments, including:

  • Fast food
  • Hospitality
  • Fine dining
  • Gasoline service stations
  • Mass merchandising
  • Convenience stores
  • General retail applications

Why Choose APG Cash Drawer

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  • POS Solutions As A Service: A Viable Model?
    POS Solutions As A Service: A Viable Model?

    How would you like to pay for that cash drawer? Increasingly, consumers prefer to pay for technology purchases through leasing or financing to avoid large up-front cash outlays. At APG Cash Drawer, we recognize the POS market is heading in that direction, and we need to find ways to accommodate the shift.

  • mPOS-ible To Define? What Mobile Means In Retail
    mPOS-ible To Define? What Mobile Means In Retail

    The term mPOS is bandied about our marketplace constantly these days, but ask what it means, and you’ll get some creative answers. As often happens with technology trends, new terms emerge to define the trend, but few people can agree on its definition.

  • Get Ready For EMV

    Time is running out for merchants to adopt EMV (EuroPay MasterCard and Visa) standards. Starting Oct. 1, merchant liability for payment card fraud will increase, unless they can process payments with microchip-based cards. It they don’t have the capability to process payment through the chip, they become responsible for fraudulent transactions involving those cards.

  • Thin-bility Solutions Draw Attention At EuroCIS

    This year’s attendance at EuroCIS broke previous records by attracting nearly 9,000 visitors from more than 60 countries. APG Cash Drawer was among the 318 exhibitors at the show, where we had the opportunity to demo products designed specifically for the European market and promote the Thin-bility concept.

  • Cash Is Still King

    Anyone can pay for anything with plastic, but pulling out a wad of cash from your pocket still delivers a sense of gratification no other form or payment can match. Cash is still king, and if you think plastic and mobile payments are about to displace legal tender, consider this: Cash circulation in the United States has increased since 2000, according to the Federal Reserve Bank of Boston.

  • Selecting The Right Cash Drawer

    When starting up a new business or updating an existing one, usually the cash drawer is the last on your mind when it comes to the POS system. However, if you want a successful business, and you plan to accept payments, your cash drawer and POS system are absolutely necessary.

  • Defining The Future Of The Customer Experience

    In the past few months, I’ve attended sessions where industry experts shared key insights on the future of customer experience. Consumers’ expectations are changing, and how brands choose to interact with them in the future is imperative to success. Retailers stand to differentiate themselves by adopting service models and technologies that help define a memorable experience with a brand. Vars who sell solutions that help retailers solve problems vs. pushing hardware/software will set themselves apart from the completion.

  • Ways Mobile Cash Drawer Solutions — And The VARs Who Sell Them — Can Enhance Security

    Mobility and thin client applications are finding their way into the retail environment. APG’s Ethernet and Bluetooth interfaces promote these environments by allowing the drawer to be located in any convenient location with easy access from the mobile devices. These solutions present new opportunities to improve the purchasing experience by discretely relocating the cash drawer from the check-out line to the actual point of purchase.

  • PYMNTS.com Innovation Project 2013

    I recently attended the PYMNTS.com Innovation Project 2013 conference on March 21st-22nd. Awards were presented for the most innovative payment solutions in a variety of payment categories at Harvard University.

  • APG Cash Drawers Going Mobile: Interface Basics 101

    APG is developing cutting edge cash drawer solutions to keep up with the ever-changing technological era. Mobility has taken hold in retail in many areas including the point of sale system.  Implementing a Mobile POS solution can improve a retailer’s transaction speed, create loyalty, eliminate long checkout lines, save businesses money, and improve the overall customer experience.

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  • Next Gen Dine Incorporates APG, Datacap Solutions In Flexible POS System

    When the Juice Bar at LVAC, a health foods eatery in Las Vegas, needed a new POS system that refl ected its light and modern corporate image, it turned to POS software provider Next Gen Dine.

  • APG Teams With Datacap And Next Gen Dine To Keep Juice Bar Flowing

    The Juice Bar at LVAC, a health foods eatery in Las Vegas, needed a POS system that refl ected its corporate image — light and modern. But the company was stuck with an expensive legacy system that put too many restrictions on its operations.

  • POS System For Golf Tournament Scores "Whole In One"

    The 2014 PGA Memorial Tournament hosted by golfing legend Jack Nicklaus delivered a couple of significant firsts. For the first time, Japanese golfer Hideki Matsuyama won the tournament, and APG Cash Drawer debuted its Stratis Integration System as part of a mobile POS solution used at concession and food stations.

  • VAR Launches POS Business After Favor For Friend

    Sometimes opportunities pop up in the unlikeliest places. Just ask Chris Pace, who ended up with a new business after doing a friend favor – to replace a legacy POS system in the friend’s coffee shop with an iPad- based solution. After researching available options, Pace assembled a solution consisting of iPads, a ShopKeep POS application, and APG Vasario cash drawers.

  • Tablet-Based POS Transforms Craft Beer Store's Operations

    A job well done brings many rewards, and if you’re in the business of developing and installing POS software, rewards can come in the form of customer referrals. Such was the case when Revel Systems got an inquiry to replace the cash registers at a San Francisco craft beer store with an iPad-based POS solution and APG cash drawers.


  • APG Cash Drawer Featured On Gordon Ramsay's Kitchen Nightmares

    APG Cash Drawer was featured on a new 2012 episode of Gordon Ramsay's Kitchen Nightmares. The new point of sale system was a welcome surprise to the management and staff of a failing burger restaurant. Provided by Zephyr Hardware and POSLavu, Ramsay himself called this point of sale solution "the most amazing, state of the art point of sale system".

  • APG's NetPRO® Ethernet Interface For Cash Drawers

    Connect your iPad or Mobile Device to APG's Ethernet Cash Drawer.

  • APG Cash Drawer's Part Number Basics

    Watch to find out more about APG Cash Drawer's part numbers. APG uses smart part numbers meaning each letter and number in the part number describes a specific component of the cash drawer. From a single APG part number, one will be able to tell a cash drawer's product line, drawer front style, interface type, color, size, till option, and key code options.

  • APG Vasario Cash Drawer Training Video

    Built to perform. Built to last. Built to continue the APG tradition of providing millions of smooth, trouble free cycles. The APG Series 4000 Cash Drawer is the ultimate heavy duty cash drawer. Take advantage of the Series 4000 Lifetime Limited Warranty

  • Ernie Beidleman's APG Cash Drawer Testimonial

    Ernie Beidleman, from Total Touch Solutions, talks about the durability of APG cash drawers at RetailNOW 2011.

  • Rick Malthaner's APG Cash Drawer Testimonial

    Rick Malthaner, from RevolutionPOS, talks about the reliability of APG cash drawers at RetailNOW 2011.

  • APG Flip-top Cash Drawer Product Training Video

    Suitable for a variety of currencies, the Flip-Top is designed to save space and increase efficiency.

  • APG Series 4000 Cash Drawer Product Training Video

    The ultimate heavy duty cash drawer. Built to perform. Built to last. Built to continue the APG tradition of providing millions of smooth, trouble free cycles. The APG Series 4000 Cash Drawer is the ultimate heavy duty cash drawer. Take advantage of the Series 4000 Lifetime Limited Warranty
    Series 4000 Cash Drawer Features

  • APG Series 1517 Cash Drawer Product Training Video

    APG Series 1517 Cash Drawer Product Training Video

  • APG Cash Drawer Series 100 Training Video

    Small in size, the APG Series 100 Cash Drawer does not compromise efficiency. It actually improves upon it because it increases the effectiveness of your workstation.

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  • Don't Forget The Cash: Cash Drawers Essential To POS Solutions Development And Configuration

    As a new, lighter POS approach emerges, Point of sale (POS) solutions no longer have to depend on PCs to operate. Depending on a system’s configuration, the new POS model can leverage thin clients such as tablets and handhelds, giving the cashier the freedom to transact business at the point of decision.

  • Cash Management Solutions: The Emerging Opportunity For POS Dealers

    If you think credit and debit cards are about to displace cash for retail transactions, think again. Legal tender accounts for as much as 40 percent of transactions overall and up to two-thirds of purchases under $10. So while plastic and electronic payments often have been pegged as the currency of the future, the oft-predicted cashless society is nowhere in sight.

  • Addressing Security And Connectivity With Cash Drawer Configuration Options

    As a new, lighter point of sale (POS) approach emerges, POS solutions no longer require PCs to operate. Depending on a system’s configuration, the new POS model can leverage thin clients such as tablets, handhelds, and IP-enabled cash drawers to bring flexibility and convenience to in-store transactions.

  • How To Link Cash Drawer And Connectivity Options To Business Goals

    Now that point of sale (POS) solutions no longer have to depend on PCs to operate, businesses have a wide range of options to set up their systems. Retailers, restaurateurs and hospitality operators can take advantage of standalone IP- enabled components to choose whatever configuration best suits their business objectives and customer needs.

  • Turning IP-Based POS Systems Into Recurring Revenue

    The need for PC-centric POS solutions is waning as a more flexible model emerges. Leveraging cloud and mobile technologies, this model supports thin client and IP-enabled components such as cash drawers and printers.

  • Cash Transactions In A Mobile World

    For two decades, the PC has reigned supreme over POS solutions, operating as point of sale terminals that sit on counters and control various peripherals. However, the need for PC-centric solutions is waning as a more flexible POS model emerges.


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