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  1. Work On LTE-U Testing Regime Makes Progress But No Scheduled Date In Sight

    Last month, reports that the battle over LTE in Wi-Fi bands could come to a conclusion brought some optimism.

  2. Autotask Survey: Why You Should Offer Endpoint Security Services

    An Autotask study found endpoint expansion is now the top services driving revenue, coming in ahead of backup and restore and disaster recovery in the rankings.

  3. Honing In On The Consumer Experience Using Location-Based Technology

    The writing is on the wall ... or maybe Tweeted, Instagrammed, and shared on someone’s Facebook wall.

  4. Predictive Analytics Can Be A Game-Changing Opportunity For Software Developers

    Companies are increasingly turning to predictive analytics to compete and thrive.

  5. Solutions Providers: Consider What You Learned From The Past When You Set Your Course For 2016

    Looking back at 2015, there were a lot of changes — and challenges — in the IT channel. Consider the advice from these leaders at IT channel companies who offer advice on how to approach 2016, keeping in mind lessons learned last year in areas including channel consolidation, cybersecurity, and storage and data.

  6. Visa Gives VARs More Time For QIR Certification

    VISA updated its policy issued in October requiring Payment Card Industry (PCI) Qualified Integrators and Reseller (QIR) certification to give acquirers, merchants, and VARs more time to comply. Level 4 merchants still need to use PCI QIRs, but resellers now have until January 31, 2017, to become certified.

  7. How To Emphasize ROI Of WMS To Your Clients

    Warehouse management systems (WMS) have evolved over the years, and now are providing a strong ROI when properly deployed. Recognizing the need for a WMS can be straightforward for your clients; inaccurate inventories and pressures to continually reduce costs make the investment decision almost intuitive.

  8. Talent Retention Challenge Will Be An Emerging Channel Threat In 2016

    As technology becomes increasingly complex, there will be stiffer competition to attract and retain skilled cybersecurity and IT talent in the workplace. Channelnomics has identified talent retention as one of the top emerging threats for 2016, with cybercrime as a key driver.

  9. Online Doctor Visit App Is Most Downloaded

    Mobile apps are becoming commonplace in the healthcare landscape and continually proving their value in both monetary savings and improved patient care.

  10. ISVs: Watch These Payment Trends, Seize These Opportunities In 2016

    In this interview, Bill Lodes, First American Payment System’s senior vice president of business development and strategy, provides ISVs with information to help them focus on important payment trends and to meet challenges that continue with EMV adoption and PCI compliance. He also shares top opportunities for ISVs to grow their businesses.