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  1. Rogue Apps: From Customer Headache To Recurring Revenue Boon

    I remember the days when IT admins so tightly locked down PC permissions that users couldn't change a printer setting, let alone install their own choice of applications. Of course, just 10 years ago, there weren't a whole lot of small specialized apps and there certainly weren't all the cloud apps we have today. Employees don't think they need permission to work smarter by installing apps like Dropbox on their computer. While users are more empowered than ever and have access to new productivity tools every day, an IT nightmare has been created -- rogue apps on the network. It might be worse than you think.

  2. Senate Approves DHS Request For Biometrics At Border

    A senate subcommittee has approved a request from the United States Department of Homeland Security for nearly a quarter-of-a-billion dollars to be used on a state-of-the-art biometric system.

  3. Report Looks At The Value Of Solutions Created From Multiple Vendors’ Technologies

    VARs and systems integrators have choices in sourcing, assembling, and deploying hardware and software solutions for customers. Many VARs pick and choose multiple best-of-breed technologies from of a variety of vendors to construct more comprehensive offerings, which often results in better returns and higher sales prices.

  4. Healthcare IT News For VARs — August 15, 2014

    In the news, a survey shows EHR use can equal lower cost per patient admission. Also, the Pew Charitable Trust has appealed to legislators for a better review process of new medical devices. In addition, Apple is discussing partnerships for its “HealthKit” cloud-based information platform.

  5. Leveraging Streaming Video In Field Service

    Field service professionals can reap the benefits of advances in video communication in tech-to-tech collaborations and in providing assistance for diagnoses.

  6. Telemedicine: A New Benefit For Your Clients

    Your clients may not be reimbursed for telemedicine offerings today, but that stands to change.

  7. Are Your Customers Using the Right Consumables?

    According to a recent article, it might be time to reassess the consumables used by your clients. Published on Integrated Solutions for Retailers “The Modest, Yet Essential, Thermal Consumable” from SATO America, points out thermal labels, tags, and ribbons offer great return for every step of the consumer market from identifying and tracking inventory to marketing to the consumer, but they are often taken for granted.

  8. Travel Companies Need To Keep Up With Mobile Purchases, Bookings Trends

    The travel market is an excellent market for digital solutions. The revolution that took place in the travel industry with the advent of the Internet and PC is now occurring again as mobile technology use continues to grow. The number of Internet-connected mobile devices worldwide will increase by 16 percent per year, led by strong growth in developing countries, according to Ovum.

  9. NRF IT Security Council Educates, Advocates To Combat Data Theft

    Data breeches at large chain stores have spurred technology leaders to form the National Retail Federation (NRF) IT Security Council.

  10. Signal Boosters Can Keep Mobile Workforces Connected

    Interruptions in cellular connectivity cause delays and reduce productivity for mobile workforces, particularly in rural areas. According to a recent Field Technologies report, “Field Mobility 2014,” 72 percent of survey respondents communicating in realtime experience disruptions in wireless connectivity in the field.

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