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  1. Mobility, Cloud Are Driving Adoption Of Communication And Collaboration Tools

    Mobility enablement in conjunction with cloud-based solutions is presently the strongest driver for the adoption of business communications and collaboration tools according to the results of a new report from cloud services provider Evolve IP.

  2. Marketing Your IT Solutions Provider: Inbound, Outbound, SEO, What’s The Difference?

    If you are trying to build a marketing plan for your IT solution provider business, it’s important to understand the components that will make your strategy work. Panelists at BlueStar VARTECH 2015 offered a primer on different types of marketing activities and how you can best use them.

  3. Can IT Solutions Providers Be Successful At #SocialMediaMarketing?

    Considering social media as a means to market your IT solutions provider business is likely to lead to a host of questions about platforms, messaging — and even whether to try it at all.

  4. 7 Marketing Mistakes VARs Make And How To Fix Them

    At BlueStar VARTECH 2015, marketing your IT solutions provider business was the topic of a panel discussion, and advice from panelists included how to avoid marketing mistakes.

  5. Businesses Budget For Mobility Solutions For 2016

    According to a new poll by SOTI and IDG Enterprise about one-fifth of 2016 IT budgets are earmarked for mobility solutions. Respondents, senior IT decision-makers across a variety of industries, said they view mobility is a critical agent for business success.

  6. How User And Entity Behavior Analytics (UEBA) Can Help Fight Insider Threats

    In approximately 90 percent of data loss prevention incidents, the cause is legitimate users who innocently send out data for business purposes, according to new statistics surrounding insider threats released by Bay Dynamics.

  7. Report Finds Wholesale Is Undergoing A Technology Revolution

    The wholesale distribution industry is changing the way it sells and delivers products — and technology is at the center of the change — according to a new report from Handshake.

  8. What VARs Need To Do To Succeed At Marketing

    There are a multitude of approaches you could take market your IT solutions providers business — and you want to be sure you have chosen the right ones. To help channel partners make the best decisions when it comes to their marketing strategies, BlueStar invited a panel to discuss the topic at VARTECH 2015. Panelists were Garrett Geib, president of the SkyRocket Group; Angela Diffly, the editor of VSR Magazine; Michael Carr, the vice president of sales at ProspectStream; and Jim Roddy, the president of Business Solutions.

  9. Retailers Anticipate Substantial Changes Driven By IoT

    Retailers believe big changes are coming in the next three years, driven by the Internet of Things (IoT), according to a new report from RSR Research.

  10. Your IT Clients Need To Catch Up To Millennials’ Desktop User Expectations

    Desktop computer experiences have a significant impact on workplace productivity — particularly for millennials — according to the findings of the AppSense 2015 Desktop Experience Study.