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  1. The Unknown Future Of The Retail Reseller Channel

    Yesterday I participated in a couple hours of planning for our upcoming (May 12-13) Retail IT VAR of the Future event in Las Vegas. Even though the event is just two days away from the office in an easy-to-reach city and economically priced, we recognized early on that we’d have to offer something special to get people to take time away from their businesses and attend. Therefore, when we set out to create this event, we weren’t looking to host another typical show. We set out with uniqueness and greatness in mind. After this latest meeting, I’m reminded of those initial goals and feel confident in what we’ve created for you.

  2. Data Science: A Gateway To Value-Based Healthcare

    The healthcare industry, ever-looking for ways to sheer costs, is taking advantage of the power of crowdsourcing.

  3. Discussing The Premera Data Breach With Your Health IT Clients

    Your clients pay attention to news of data breaches, but getting them to take appropriate action can be a difficult conversation.

  4. Study Finds Mobile App Use Provides Results For Your SMB IT Clients

    As we enter the “Mobile App Age,” enterprises are quickly figuring out how to leverage their use to drive productivity and ROI.

  5. IT Solutions Providers Should Note Social Media’s Role For Enterprises

    Social media has become a definite player in the present marketplace, and its impact is not likely to diminish any time soon.

  6. Accenture Survey: Seniors Want Online Access To Digital Health

    A survey from Accenture highlights an important shift in the demographic of healthcare technology users, as well as detailing their preferences.

  7. Study Shows Phishing Is Directly Related To 83% Of Security Concerns

    A majority of all security concerns are directly related to phishing risks, according to a recent study from KnowBe4 and Osterman Research, but nearly 80 percent of those polled also say they have seen no improvement in the ways they proactively approach phishing.  In fact, one-third see the problem actively worsening.

  8. What Meaningful Use Stage 3 Means To Your Health IT Clients

    Recent changes in the world of HIT federal regulations will have direct impacts on you and your clients.

  9. Report Concludes Demand For Tech Talent Far Exceeds Supply In Washington State

    A report generated by the Washington Technology Industry Association has demonstrated that there is a far greater demand for technology talent in Washington than the state can meet.

  10. While Majority Report Tailgating Vulnerability, Only 15 Percent Report Tracking Incidents

    According to a survey conducted by Boon Edam, while more than 70 percent of respondents report they believe their organizations are vulnerable to security breaches as a result of “tailgating,” only 15 percent report that they are currently tracking these incidents — tailgating occurs when an authorized person holds a door open for another person who enters without successfully passing through access controls. 

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