Featured Articles

  1. Almost Half Of All 2015 Holiday Shopping Will Be Digital

    Digital shopping will be a common tool for holiday shoppers to use when they tackle their gift lists this season. According to a report from the National Retail Federation (NRF), almost half of consumers (46 percent) say they plan to do their holiday shopping online — with this number up 1.6 percent from last year’s 44.4 percent.

  2. mPOS: Where You And Your Merchant IT Customers Are, Where You’re Going

    A lot has changed in retail mobility in the last two years. A panel discussion at BlueStar VARTECH 2015 included a look back at mobile point of sale (mPOS) projections from 2013, how accurate those projections were, and where mPOS is likely to be heading from here.  

  3. Healthcare In Last Place According To Security Maturity Model

    The most recent set of data from BSIMM shows serious weaknesses in the healthcare sector.

  4. HIPAA Audits Are Coming … Are You Ready?

    The second phase of the HIPAA Audit Pilot Program is on its way.

  5. Cavernous Gap Between Healthcare Security Threat And Preparedness

    Trustwave released its 2015 Security Health Check Report this October, and along with it, results that illuminate a disturbing gap between the perception of security in healthcare and actual readiness for an incident.

  6. Study: IT Security Experts Prefer Integrated, Cloud-Delivered Security

    According to a study from Internet security company Zscaler, security professionals believe security should be delivered as a platform and cloud-based security offers better protection at a lower cost than traditional on-premises solutions.

  7. Windows 10 Gains Momentum In Commercial Market, Software Industry

    Microsoft has announced that 110 million devices worldwide are running Windows 10.

  8. Who Will Commit Fraud Against Your IT Clients — And When And Where?

    Fraud is more likely to take place online during the workweek, according to a new report from Sift Science, an organization that offers fraud detection and solution.

  9. Study Reveals Your IT Clients’ Employees Won’t Tolerate Subpar Applications

    Complexity, limited mobile access, and overall poor user experience are the leading elements inhibiting modernization efforts within large U.S. enterprises, according to Capriza’s Enterprise User-Experience Study.

  10. Don’t Get Frustrated When Looking At New IT Hires, Get MAD (Make A Difference)

    What do lions, camels, turtles, and monkeys have to do with your employees? They are descriptive types in the Make a Difference (MAD) system, based on the book, Make A Difference, by Dr. Larry Little, that helps you visualize your employees’ personality types and recognize why they may respond the way they do.