BSM Lunch & Learn Webinars

  1. Accelerate Your Managed Services With The MSP Playbook

    Making the decision to become an MSP involves change at every level of you organization, including sales, service delivery, and management.  The MSP Playbook is designed to equip potential MSP’s with the guidance required to quickly and efficiently launch their services, while utilizing industry best practices at every organizational level.

  2. Automating Your Microsoft World: Cloud Efficiencies

    In this third webinar you will learn how you can leverage automation save you hours of painstaking manual labor when managing Cloud Services and Virtual Infrastructure.

  3. Automating Your Microsoft World: Application Efficiencies

    In this second webinar you will learn how to automate multiple policies across your client’s base that will save you hours of laborious manual labor.

  4. Automating Your Microsoft World: Operating System Efficiencies

    In this first webinar you will learn how to automate multiple policies across your client’s base that will save you hours of arduous manual labor.

  5. Building Value In The Market For MSP's

    The managed service provider (MSP) business offers many advantages to solution and service providers looking to expand and evolve their businesses. However, as more and more solution providers assess, build, and launch MSP businesses, a number of key challenges are being uncovered.

  6. 4 Rules The Best MSPs Follow

    Based on an in-depth survey of 1,800 MSPs, N-able CEO and co-founder Gavin Garbutt defines and provides insights into the 4 rules common among the most successful managed services providers.

  7. Selling Cloud Services To Business Owners - Part 1
    Listen to this webinar with special guests Paul Byrne from ChannelCloud and Seth Oxhandler, CEO of Cool Cat Inc., as they talk about ways you can sell cloud to business decision makers. By GFI
  8. Why Do MSPs Care About Power Management?
    Editor Gennifer Biggs talks with Brad Amano, business development director at Eaton, about how MSPs can use today’s intelligent power protection products to add value through remote monitoring and management tied right into managed services tools.
    Why Do MSPs Care About Power Management
  9. The Top 5 Must Focus Areas Of Your MSP Marketing Strategy
    Get 2012 off to a rousing start by listening to this webinar on the top areas where you should be focusing your marketing strategy over the next 12 months. Our special guests include MSP Marketing expert Stuart Crawford from Ulistic and MSP Development Coach Richard Tubb.
  10. Teaching Your Team To Be Consultative - A Roundtable Discussion
    As more technology decisions are driven by business needs versus the IT department, VARs and MSPs are finding themselves serving as business IT consultants more than simply IT suppliers. That has meant a transition for many sales teams, who have experience around discussing the best solutions, but little or no experience tailoring IT solutions to fit the individual needs of each business owner/customer. With the growing popularity of cloud, more and more business discussions will be necessary for VARs and MSPs to uncover where and how cloud makes sense for customers, so the pressure is on to turn sales guys into business consultants.
    Teaching Your Team To Be Consultative
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