White Papers & Case Studies

  1. Statewide Employee Benefits Group Incorporates Document Management Processes Throughout Its Entire Organization

    What started as an isolated effort to implement electronic document management technology in the claims department of a non-profit employee health benefits group has expanded to a successful organizational-wide initiative.

  2. White Paper: The Role Of Collaboration Tools For SharePoint

    Improving productivity is, on its own, one of the top business objectives shared by companies of all sizes, industries, and geographies. Its direct correlation to a company’s ability to increase profitability has a compounding effect on its importance. One of the most cost-effective ways to drive productivity improvement initiatives is to increase collaboration across the enterprise, both internally among employees as well as between employees, partners, and customers, through the use of a standardized set of tools.

  3. White Paper: The Benefits Of A Zero-Footprint Viewer

    Over the past decade, several methods of viewing have come into use – ActiveX, Java applets, client-server, thin client etc. But recently the buzz has been about zero-footprint viewing. What does zero-footprint viewing mean, and how different is it from other viewing methods? What does it require? 

  4. White Paper: Creating A Structure Forms Processing Web Service

    This white paper guides you through the development of a structured forms processing web service, using Windows Communication Foundation (WCF) and Accusoft’s FormSuite. The FormSuite SDK provides .NET libraries for performing structured forms processing.

  5. White Paper: How To Automatically Index Scanned Forms Using Barcodes

    Barcodes are a common sight on consumer products. Almost every retail transaction in North America is driven by the scanning, recognition and lookup of barcode data. But did you know you can also add barcodes to the forms your organization creates?

  6. White Paper: 5 Keys To Selecting A Viewer For Enterprise Content Management

    This whitepaper discusses the importance of viewing in an enterprise content management solution and focuses on 5 keys for selecting the viewer that meets your document management requirements. There are significant challenges in dealing with digital, confidential, or sensitive content in a collaborative environment, and an effective viewing solution should address these 5 key aspects.

  7. Managing Healthcare Data Within The Ecosystem While Reducing IT Costs And Complexities

    At the 2011 conference, EMC's team of healthcare solution specialists spoke with several vendors and conferees and asked one question: "What is the best way to reduce costs and complexity in a healthcare IT infrastructure?" The overwhelming answer was to enable a cloud environment for patient data and to find a solution for managing so-called "big data."

  8. Optimizing The Journey To The Healthcare Cloud

    Cost, scalability, and flexibility are reasons for Healthcare organzitaions to move applications to the cloud. In general, cloud adoption has been embraced due to the compelling business benefits that can be achieved.

  9. Case Management: A Blueprint For Success

    This case study covers how case management can create business agiliy and efficiency.

  10. Choosing An Intelligent Case Management Solution

    In today’s world, most business processes have evolved into a highly complex combination of human and systems interactions. These interactions start with basic content (such as an image, an email message, an application, or an e-form) and evolve into unique, ever-changing cases involving human judgment, with processes and decisions flowing to meet specific case requirements. If you are investigating new applications or platforms to help you managed your information and business processes, this guide can help.