White Papers & Case Studies

  1. School District Increases Efficiency And Reduces Unclaimed Prints With New Printing Solution

    OKI’s Managed Print Services (MPS) solutions prove to be vital in color control once again. OKI has taken on the task of helping a mid-Atlantic school district cut printing costs, control output, and decrease waste.

  2. Inbound Mail Processing: An In-Depth Look

    Customer Communication and Business Documents arrive in multiple ways in an enterprise. For organizations that want to operate with fewer systems, it makes sense to standardize on a common platform for acquisition across all inbound channels with the same intelligent “document understanding”, whether a client’s message arrives as a Tweet or a printed letter.

  3. EMC Solutions For Healthcare Providers

    This white paper looks at how enterprise content management can unite information systems and business processes so hospitals can enhance patient care with immediate access to digitized patient information; reduce revenue and TCO; and lower risk and liability while strengthening compliance.

  4. eCopy And The Health Insurance Portability And Accountability Act (HIPAA)

    eCopy’s products make it easy to incorporate paper-based patient information into various electronic medical records (EMR) systems. During this information capture and electronic fi ling process, CEs must implement safeguards to ensure that privacy is maintained at all times.

  5. EHR Use Saves $2.5M Annually Through Improved Efficiency, Patient Outcomes, And MU Achievements At Spectrum Health

    Healthcare providers are adopting integrated enterprise applications to increase efficiency in care delivery, give clinicians access to a patient’s full health record, improve outcomes and reduce costs.  Spectrum Health System is a good example, now providing a patient’s complete electronic legal health record within 3 days of discharge, and reducing labor costs by over $2.5M annually. Plus, Spectrum’s ROI has been documented to be less than 1 year, and its 5-year ROI is estimated at over 860%.

  6. Choosing An Intelligent Case Management Solution

    This perspective discusses the seven key intelligent case management capabilities that should be considered when choosing a case management solution. 

  7. The Strategic Value Of Information Capture

    Are you trying to understand the benefits of capture? In this white paper, Enterprise Strategy Group (ESG) looks beyond the traditional benefits of capture and explores the larger potential value when strategically leveraged. ESG describes the latest approaches to using capture, how to get it right from the start, and examines two successful customer use cases. By Brian Babineau

  8. Paperless Processes Save County Court System

    Genesee County faced a great number of challenges that prompted it to investigate an electronic document management solution. Chief among them was the physical movement, flow and processing of documents. By Beverly Lyons, ImageSoft, Inc.

  9. You Can Enhance Patient Care By Automating Paper-Based Processes

    Discover how St John Health Systems, one of the largest and most respected healthcare providers in Oklahoma, was able to automate and streamline its manual, paper based processes to better manage costs and drive improved patient care. 

  10. Shared Services In AP/AR Yields 6-Month ROI

    Seeking to consolidate its multisite advertising databases, Paxton Media Group initiated a process to improve both its accounts receivable and accounts payable processing through the use of new shared services technology. This case study illustrates how the group achieved an impressive 6-month ROI.