General Computing Executive Commentary

  1. Microsoft’s EOL Plans And New OS Spell Big Opportunity For Channel Partners

    Microsoft pulled the plug on Windows Server 2003 support in July, which means the vendor is no longer issuing updates and patches for the product. Several weeks back they started the “free upgrade” to Windows 10. From a solutions provider perspective, these moves help create a host of migration and upgrade opportunities for the channel.

  2. Automatic Updates: Set It And Forget It … I Don’t Think So

    It’s true that vendors have built automatic updating capabilities into their systems. As a result, many organizations have used a combination of Group Policy Objects, free Windows Update Services,  and adjusting the corporate image of some products to do automatic updates. Sadly, these organizations are under the mistaken impression that they are managing their IT.

  3. Compliance-as-a-Service Can Drive Vertical Market Opportunities

    How well does your IT firm support legal firms, banks, retailers and other customers? Not just their computers, networks, and the applications that manage their information and allow them to run their daily operations — but everything they need to meet local, state, and federal regulations as well as industry guidelines. That’s the ultimate recipe for channel success.

  4. Application Development: Creating Trust From The Ground Up

    Businesses are enjoying significant new levels of efficiency with the adoption of cloud-based services and mobile computing. These trends have grown at astonishing rates, lowering costs, and creating growth in almost every industry.

  5. Backup, Continuity, And Archiving Technologies — What’s The Difference?

    The short answer to the question posed in the title above is: “Quite a bit actually.”

  6. Process-Driven CRM: Increasing Revenue With Smarter Workflows

    The CRM market has come alive of late with innovation and new feature sets that make it an exciting opportunity for channel partners in search of additional revenue streams. Gartner and Bessemer Venture Partner’s spring 2015 data shows double the growth for cloud based CRM. With a 27 percent growth rate in online CRM solutions for SMBs, according to Odin’s data, the channel is rapidly signing up alternatives that as Forrester says are often better suited to mid-tier entities than the big names. In addition, both Forrester Research and Nucleus Research have noted the fragmentation of the CRM market and the innovation emerging from players beyond the few big names. 

  7. 5 Insights: Successful Channel Relationships

    For Mosaic Technology, Infinio Had Them At Trust, Transparency, And Proof Of Concept.

  8. Security Realities In Light Of EMV

    Good security measures require a layered approach and to date, no security technology or services company has come up with “the” silver bullet. There are simply too many ways a hacker can compromise a system. As it relates to EMV and the mandate to implement new readers and systems, every business needs to understand a few harsh realities before concluding they are safe from attack.

  9. The Legacy Migration — Is It Time?

    The cost of sticking with legacy solutions is only going to grow and new technologies and approaches will be adopted. The only question is when. It’s up to the technology leaders in our organizations to drive this and counteract the inertia of legacy software.

  10. 5 Ways To Make Your Client’s Cloud Storage Meet Today’s Requirements

    Here are five ways to make sure your portfolio includes the enterprise storage capabilities that are most in demand.