General Computing Executive Commentary

  1. Back To Basics: Capacity Growth And Planning Is Still A Lucrative Revenue Stream

    Capacity growth and planning remains a top priority for IT professionals. On average, data capacity needs in businesses are still growing by as much as 40 to 60 percent each year. Organizations today must have data warehouses that are adaptable and expandable, as well as an ongoing plan to meet its growing needs.

  2. Stop The Madness Of Antivirus: Embrace Cloud-Based Security To Better Protect Networks

    The volume of recent breaches at Target, Home Depot, Staples, and J.P. Morgan Chase proves that cybersecurity threats aren’t going away anytime soon. And, despite the fact that large companies are making all the headlines, small businesses are actually at greater risk for a data security breach. According to Visa, small businesses represent more than 90 percent of payment data breaches reported to the company. When taking into account that a single data breach can cost a small business $300,000 or more, owners are beginning to open their eyes to the importance of data security, particularly as the headlines continue to break.

  3. Best-in-Class MSPs Bank On Business Gains And Relationships

    Technical innovation is changing how businesses work and how we sell.

  4. How To Use Video To Promote And Enhance Your Business

    Everyone loves watching movies, and video is one of the top marketing tools in today’s business arena. But how do you make the transition from simply entertaining your viewers to growing and enhancing your business?

  5. Ask The Consultant: How Accountable Executives Turn Learning At Industry Events Into Action

    Why do you attend industry conferences? How do you turn the knowledge, contacts and experience into actionable value? Who is accountable for making sure this happens? These are the types of questions I hear business owners and executives ask themselves before, during, and after the events and meetings.

  6. 5 Things Every MSP Needs To Know About Cybersecurity

    It turns out factory workers enjoy scrolling through their Facebook News Feed as much as you and me. Maybe that doesn’t exactly raise eyebrows, but this should: connecting to the social media site via a flat network that controls all facets of production.

  7. Can You Prove Your Commitment To Cloud Security With Compliance Standards?

    Managed services providers (MSPs) can host companies or access providers that offer IT services. These services can include fully outsourced network management arrangements, such as IP telephony, messaging and call center management, virtual private networks (VPNs), managed firewalls, and monitoring/reporting of network servers. So, in all aspects of the service, the client data is saved or managed over the Internet to reach the MSP. MSPs need to know how to keep the client data safe while it is saved in their environment.

  8. Are You Drifting? The Danger Of Settling For “Good Enough”

    One of the mantras at HTG is the persistent pursuit of excellence rather than attempting to attain the ever elusive state of perfection. We prefer action and movement rather than the paralysis that naturally results from constant analysis.

  9. How To Develop The Best BYOD Security For Your Customers

    Bring your own device (BYOD) is no longer a trend but a fixture in today’s business world.  Employees are now purchasing the latest smartphones, and employers — your clients — are taking advantage of that situation. Because of the savings in hardware and software purchases for the employer coupled with instantaneous access to employees, an “open door” policy has erupted towards these devices; yet security policies have not caught up and are leaving IT departments with growing concerns.

  10. Looking Ahead To 2015: 3 IT Operations Predictions For MSPs

    Shorter days and cooler temperatures mean that we are in the home stretch of 2014. With that in mind, now is a great time for MSPs and solutions providers to celebrate their successes, reflect on the challenges they faced over the last 12 months, and look ahead to what they hope to accomplish in the New Year.

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