White Papers & Case Studies

  1. Virus Naming. The “Who’s Who?” Dilemma
    Anyone who has ever created something new is granted the right to baptize it. However, given that they are born under the sign of destruction and disruption, viruses are an exception to this rule. By BitDefender
  2. Protect Your Customers From Facebook Threats
    As the most popular social network of the moment, with an impressive growth in the last year, Facebook has become lately the scene of complex social engineering attacks, aggressive spam, and massive malware distribution. This paper presents an overview of phishing, spam, and other social engineering attacks against Facebook identified over the last year. By BitDefender
  3. Accelerating Backup & Continuity For Small And Midsize Businesses
    Integrated Enterprise Solutions, Inc., (IES) is a full-service IT provider in the mid-Hudson River valley region of New York State. As a specialist in providing total IT support and service to customers that have no internal IT staff, as well as a consultant to larger companies on specific projects and technologies, IES understands that clients of all sizes need enterprise-class solutions to protect their mission-critical data, prevent business outages, and satisfy data retention requirements. By Axcient
  4. Key Considerations For WFM/ERP Integration With Time Clocks

    The assumption that your workforce is your largest controllable expense is certainly overstated, yet almost as certainly true.

  5. How Unified Communications Pays For Itself
    There are many factors that drive UC’s innovative product developments. One component is the underlying merging of voice, data, and video communications into consolidated architectures. By Don Van Doren, principal and co-founder, UniComm Consulting
  6. Is Your Managed Services Practice Built On A ROC?
    For many managed services providers (MSPs), especially those who launched into the recurring revenue business model early on, there was no choice but to invest in a network operations center (NOC) and in-house help desk to meet customer needs. By NetEnrich
  7. UPS Basics
    Budgeting for electricity, securing adequate supplies of it, and finding ways to use less of it are all common topics of conversation among data center operators. Ensuring that the power their IT resources rely on is both dependable and clean, sadly, can sometimes be an afterthought. By Chris Loeffler, product manager, Eaton Corporation, and Ed Spears, product manager, Eaton's Power Quality Solutions
  8. Cut Your Travel In Half With A Telepresence Solution
    For over 30 years, Founder and CEO Larry Shulman has spent his time designing and delivering technical services to help improve his client's productivity and user experience.
  9. VMware Backup Best Practices
    Although tape has been the medium of choice for generations of IT systems, it’s not necessarily the best medium for virtual machine backups.
  10. Is Your Cloud Data Center Running Too Hot?
    IT virtualization, the engine behind cloud computing, can have significant consequences on the data center physical infrastructure (DCPI). By Suzanne Niles and Patrick Donovan
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