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  1. Global Survey On Social Media Risks
    The use of social media in the workplace is growing at a rapid pace. Savvy businesses are using blogs, social networks, video on demand (VoD), wikis and other vehicles to quickly share information with their target audiences. The result can be greater brand awareness and an enhanced image in the marketplace.
  2. Zero VFX Prospers On High-Performance, Scalable Storage Network
    Zero VFX is one of the big success stories in the digital visual effects industry. Founded by three veteran artists and producers, the company has grown to more than 30 people in less than two years and has built an impressive resume of work on feature films and advertising for some of the world’s biggest brands.
  3. Allworx Makes The Grade For Douglas County School District
    Douglas County School District serves the communities of Gardnerville, Minden, and Zephyr Cove, Nevada in the beautiful Carson Valley and Lake Tahoe regions.
  4. Allworx Creates Significant Savings For Boy Scout Council
    The Greater New York Councils, Boy Scouts of America (GNYC) serves all five boroughs of New York City. It also owns and operates the Ten Mile River Scout Camps located in the Sullivan County Catskills in New York State.
  5. Allworx Updates Manufacturer’s Phone System
    Boles Parts Supply Inc. (BPS) was founded in 1963 by Jerry Boles as a small engine core supplier. From there, the company expanded into electrical cores and components, then into general small parts.
  6. Allworx Replaces Antiquated Analog System For Manufacturer
    Magnolia utilized the same Panasonic system for over 15 years. While the system served the company well for the duration of those years, eventually the time came to move away from the aging analog system to a more modern VoIP solution.
  7. InMage Enables Successful, Seamless Large-Scale Data Migration Project
    Applied Discovery is headquartered in Bellevue, Washington, with its main data center located in south Seattle. The IT infrastructure comprises primarily Windows servers and storage systems from Hitachi Data Systems. The company needed to complete an internal data migration comprising about 170 servers and 250 to 300 TB of data. The expected timeframe for project completion was a year or more.
  8. Powering Your Business Disaster Planning
    In today’s connected world, companies and organizations rely on a complex and interdependent set of tools including computers, servers, telephone systems, and even physical and online security systems.
  9. Installation Of A 900-MHz Ethernet Bridge
    Richard Burgess of IP Data Corporation in Edgewater, Florida, was faced with a rather difficult and potentially costly internet connection problem when his company expanded into a new facility a couple of miles away.
  10. Demystifying Data Deduplication: Choosing The Best Solution
    Data deduplication has become a primary requirement for backup implementations. Many vendors lay claim to offering the best data deduplication approach, leaving customers to face the difficulty of separating hype from reality.
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