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  1. Developer Partner Security Checklists

    What are 3 questions you suggest that VARs ask a developer partner about data security/cyber security before they decide to partner with them?

  2. Facing The Winds Of Change At INSPIRE 2016

    Rain and wind. In a decidedly uncharacteristic fashion, San Diego welcomed INSPIRE® 2016 attendees stormily: with trees bowing under the force of strong winds and the stone pavements around the Park Hyatt Aviara being pelted by determinedly fierce rain. Accidents in the San Diego area were widespread; news reports documented the rarity of the weather conditions: wintry cold, with a hurricane-style atmosphere.

  3. STS Profile: Thinking Beyond The EMV Vortex

    I noted two common themes during my first visit to RetailNOW®:  trusted partner and EMV. “Trusted partner”always resulted in a very positive conversation, but EMV was used as if it were a four-letter word.  Everyone seemed to be pulled into the EMV vortex of uncertainty due to supply chain roadblocks, constantly changing requirements, and lack of correct information. Those that were able to remain calm and focus on the bigger security picture are hopefully reaping the trusted partner benefits today. 

  4. RSPA Hosts California Secretary Of State At INSPIRE® 2016

    Secretary Alex Padilla visits with point of sale industry executives at annual thought leadership summit.

  5. RSPA President’s Note - February 2016

    The saying is March comes in like a lion, but I think RSPA has accelerated not just the success of our members, but also the pace of this year, as it feels like January came barreling in like a herd in full stampede.

  6. Session On Crystal Clear Communication Closes INSPIRE 2016

    “The greatest power you have is to talk with your people during times of change and uncertainty.” That’s how Dr. Robert Bies, the keynote speaker for RSPA INSPIRE 2016 in San Diego, began today, the final day of the conference for leaders in the retail IT channel.

  7. Innovation Is Job #1 On Day #2 Of RSPA INSPIRE 2016

    “Innovation” was one of the trending words at NRF’s Big Show a couple weeks ago and I’m hearing it over and over again at RSPA INSPIRE 2016. The conference for executives in the retail IT channel is taking place at the Park Hyatt Aviara Resort in San Diego, CA.

  8. INSPIRE Speaker Shows Our Channel Needs More Creativity

    I will have deathbed regrets. There are a few things I wish I never said, several missed opportunities I wish I’d taken advantage of, and many, many shots I missed back in my basketball playing days.

  9. RSPA INSPIRE 2016: First Impressions From San Diego

    RSPA INSPIRE is one of my favorite events of the year because of the relaxed and candid atmosphere. Leading executives in the retail IT channel gather in a gorgeous locale (this year at the Park Hyatt Aviara Resort in San Diego Jan. 31 to Feb. 3) and engage with each other across four days of education, networking, and excursions.

  10. Visa Gives VARs More Time For QIR Certification

    VISA updated its policy issued in October requiring Payment Card Industry (PCI) Qualified Integrators and Reseller (QIR) certification to give acquirers, merchants, and VARs more time to comply. Level 4 merchants still need to use PCI QIRs, but resellers now have until January 31, 2017, to become certified.