Managed Services Executive Commentary

  1. Cybersecurity And The Rise Of The Insider Threat In 2016

    There are many ways that hackers are able to infiltrate corporate networks and slip through multilayered security systems, firewalls, and other safeguards to wreak havoc — which is why it’s critical for businesses to stay alert and know how to identify the weaknesses in their networks so that they can improve their online security systems. Organizations must remain vigilant to the following weaknesses in order to protect sensitive corporate and customer data.

  2. Why Cloud Solutions Will Be Implemented More Often In Regulated Industries In 2016

    In 2016, organizations in highly regulated industries will increase their use of cloud solutions to support and complement their existing technology infrastructure.

  3. 2016: Tech Leaders Forecast Clouds With Heightened Security Measures

    The maturity of cloud services providers and companies’ attitudes will usher in a critical mass of cloud-first companies in 2016. These companies will wholeheartedly embrace cloud services for almost all their technology needs — including security technologies.

  4. New Year, New Goal: Protect Your Business And Your Clients From Cyberattacks

    Cybersecurity has gained some long awaited traction and momentum. The more headlines there are about data breaches, the more stakeholders are paying attention. As your clients look to you for guidance, here are six prevailing security threats businesses need to prepare for in 2016.

  5. SMB IT Market Opportunity: 5 Tips To Maximize Business Value With Next-Generation Power Monitoring

    Organizations should leverage next-generation power monitoring services, keeping these requirements in mind.

  6. 8 Predictions For UCaaS In 2016

    The technology industry is never dull, and in 2016 the UCaaS market will certainly get even more interesting. UCaaS will hit that transition point between the slope of enlightenment and plateau of productivity on Gartner’s hype cycle. The opportunities in UCaaS are increasing, and channel partners can capture new revenue from high margin services and achieve greater success.

  7. The IT Service Pro’s Ever-Changing Business Model

    It’s often said that the only thing that is constant is change. Anyone who’s been working in the IT channel for more than six months —IT service providers, in particular — can certainly attest to this simple truth. Now more than ever, business models are changing rapidly— whether it’s by choice or chance—and the channel needs to be ready to capitalize on it.

  8. 4 Paths To Better Customer Relationships

    Having visibility into vital customer information, and the tools to act on it, will lay the foundation for stronger customer support and higher satisfaction.

  9. How Big Data Works For Safe Cities

    Unified security management solutions are valuable in helping cities collect and analyze important data to deliver actionable intelligence and greater situational awareness.

  10. How To Build Trust With A Managed Services “Gateway Drug”

    Most of us want to be pure-play managed services providers, providing flat-rate services for every client as well as to be able to service the full spectrum of customers that find their way into our arms. Sometimes, however, clients are reluctant to embrace a full managed services solution. What we need is a “gateway drug” to get clients hooked on these proactive services and, based on our experience, we would recommend that every solution provider consider offering such an on ramp to their business.