Managed Services Executive Commentary

  1. 4 Ways To Make BYOD Security Easy For The User

    Today, we characterize 29 percent of the global workforce as anytime, anywhere information workers — those who use three or more devices, work from multiple locations, and use many apps. BYOD in the office is becoming inevitable and employees can easily forget that using their personal devices at work creates a greater potential threat surface for hackers to exploit.

  2. 6 Tips For Big Data Analytics Success

    Big Data is changing the business equation. Businesses are starting to realize data is a gold mine of valuable information, and, if understood, it could be used to detect patterns in behavior and predict future outcomes.

  3. The Channel Must Lead The Cloud Conversation

    Some technology pundits argue that the pervasiveness of cloud technology will render the traditional channel partner obsolete. After all, a defining characteristic of the cloud is the ubiquitous availability of data and applications. Cloud-delivered applications simplify and streamline accessibility and reduce management demands, which cut the need for internal resources and, ostensibly, the channel.

  4. 2 Websites To Bookmark For Stock Market, Business Information

    My favorite website that I have book marked is It is a fascinating website which would entertain people gone crazy with stock market. The reason I bookmarked this website is so that I can easily keep track of global market trends.

  5. 4 Tips For Pricing Cloud Services From An MSP

    Be Competitive, But Don’t Be Cheap: The tendency is to feel pressure to compete with the big guys on price: “If Company X can offer hosted Exchange for $5 per month, then I had better be able to as well.” Nope! First, you'll never be able to approach the economies of scale that the big guys can. They can buy hundreds (or thousands) of servers that are cheaper than yours.

  6. How To Reduce E-Commerce Fraud In Real Time Without Adding Customer Friction

    As the retail sector races into the 2014 holiday shopping season, real-time fraud prevention has become a top-of-mind concern for e-commerce executives. According to the National Retail Federation (NRF) and, this year’s holiday sales are expected to top $616.9 billion, with online sales growth of 8 to 11 percent over the 2013 holiday season. As a result, e-commerce sites and online customers will be prime targets for cybercriminals through the end of the year.

  7. Bad Password Habits Are Exposing You, Your Business, And Your Customers

    Today’s businesses are run on cloud applications — which, unfortunately, forces an organization to manage a myriad of identities. Not only does this create a logistical nightmare for your customer’s employees, but it also introduces multiple points of failure from a security perspective.

  8. Channel Sales Vendor/Partner Relationships: What Vendors Want (Part 6)

    It’s not love at first sight. It is all about the relationship between the vendor and the partner if a channel sales partnership is to be successful.  A better understanding of what a vendor expects from a partner helps the solution provider make well informed and prudent business decisions that have a positive and profitable impact on their organization.

  9. From Baseball To Business: Data Driven Insights Are A Home Run

    Bill James, the founder of baseball Sabermetics, showed the importance of looking at numbers, rather than making assumptions based on the appearance of baseball players.Management guru Peter Drucker said, “What gets measured gets managed.” Although different applications, they both realized something: that paying attention to certain measurements exposes correlations that were never seen before. Why is this important?

  10. Why Adopt The Hybrid Cloud Recurring Revenue Business Model

    As an MSP (managed services provider) or VAR, you’ve probably run into cloud adoption within your customer accounts and tried to figure out how you can continue to add value in this rapidly growing ecosystem of public, private, and physical clouds. Making margins off of a hardware delivery or keeping hardware up and running is shrinking as the self-service on-demand provisioning promise of the cloud is being realized.

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