Managed Services Executive Commentary

  1. How To Build Trust With A Managed Services “Gateway Drug”

    Most of us want to be pure-play managed services providers, providing flat-rate services for every client as well as to be able to service the full spectrum of customers that find their way into our arms. Sometimes, however, clients are reluctant to embrace a full managed services solution. What we need is a “gateway drug” to get clients hooked on these proactive services and, based on our experience, we would recommend that every solution provider consider offering such an on ramp to their business.

  2. 4 Best Practices Integrators Need To Know About Video Surveillance And Cybersecurity

    With the focus on cybersecurity so high and the risks increasing, it’s imperative that integrators ensure they are taking proper measures to avoid the proverbial hot seat. Here are four best practices relative to video surveillance and cybersecurity risk mitigation to get you started.

  3. Predictions For 2016: SMBs And Cloud

    SMBs will face various cloud-related challenges in 2016 — challenges that will create many opportunities for IT solutions providers to expand their portfolios with solutions that enable SMBs for ongoing success

  4. Video Trends In 2016: Reaching For The Cloud(s)

    The video surveillance market evolution continues, with cybersecurity, business intelligence, service-based solutions, and the cloud, becoming top-of-mind issues for integrators and manufacturers to address.

  5. Security Challenges And Responsibility Are An Opportunity For IT Services Providers

    You need to integrate distributed denial-of-service (DDoS) protection and network monitoring tools into your solution portfolio — These are no longer luxuries for you or your customers.

  6. How Big Data Works For Hospitality

    Predictive analytics eliminate the guesswork from staff scheduling.

  7. What IT Service Providers Need To Know About À La Carte Pricing

    With more servers and networks moving into the cloud — where automation reigns supreme — manual maintenance is becoming a thing of the past. As traditional IT infrastructure goes virtual, the big question many IT services firms and managed service providers (MSPs) are asking is, what’s left to be managed?

  8. Deploying The Internet Of Things: Don’t Make The Same Mistakes

    Compared with the coming IoT networks, wireless and computer networks are relatively straightforward, and yet their performance is routinely hobbled by haphazard deployment. IoT networks are more complex, heterogeneous, and intraoperative than their predecessors. Deployment experts, whether in-house or on contract, need to be involved early in the planning process to help optimize device testing, physical placement, data security, power consumption, and efficient bandwidth usage.

  9. The Top IP Video Trends (Or Challenges) Of The 2015 Holiday Season

    Many retailers are taking time to evaluate their surveillance systems to figure out how they can become more efficient and more secure: Essentially, do more with less, and leverage the intelligent capability afforded through technology today. 

  10. 5 Channel Predictions To Help You Plan Your 2016 Strategy

    From increasing adoption of cloud computing to ever-growing customer demand for the agile delivery of IT services and the restructuring and consolidation of the IT infrastructure industry 2015 left a lot of unanswered questions for channel partners. While 2016 will certainly bring some answers, it will continue to be a challenging year for the channel.