Managed Services Executive Commentary

  1. The IT Services Provider Is Critical To SMB Success

    It’s a pretty bold claim, but true. Small-business success is at the core of economic growth. If they fail, we all do — the entire channel.

  2. Which Characteristics Do You Look For In An Employee?

    There are many reasons for hiring a new employee. Maybe your business is growing and you need addition resources to help with the increasing workload. Maybe you had someone leave your team or company and you are backfilling the vacant position. Or maybe you have the misfortune of having to let an employee go for whatever reason and now you are filling the position.

  3. 5 Most Influential Features Of Your RMM Solution

    Managed services providers (MSPs) all have an inherent desire to grow their businesses to the next level. The MSPs that are successful all have a key ingredient in common, which is they have the right tools for the job. So the questions are, what I should be looking for when I set out to purchase my remote monitoring and management (RMM) tool and why those influential features should be important to my business.

  4. Top 4 Benefits Of Web-Based Capture

    Businesses scan and copy documents every day to share with other departments, to store for record keeping, and to automate workflow. But when document capture processes aren’t as efficient as possible, businesses can struggle with reduced

  5. Change Doesn’t Mean Doom For The IT Channel — But Scaring Businesses Off With The Idea Could

    The channel is constantly in a state of change, and with change comes uncertainty. Uncertainty drives fear and so with each change people are quick to identify threats to the existing model and ultimately the demise of the channel. 

  6. 6 Tips For Managing Customer Relationships

    It can be tempting to focus most, if not all, of your energy on acquiring new business. But managing the relationships you’ve built with current customers is crucial. It’s a balancing act for sure, and it can grow tougher as the demands on your business increase. Customers, however, will not remain loyal if they feel the service you provide is sub-par.

  7. 4 Patch Management Practices To Keep Your Clients Secure

    As an IT professional, patching is both a mandate to secure systems with known vulnerabilities and a risk that can bring down those systems if you deploy a bad patch. In order to maintain the proper risk balance you should primarily patch to close vulnerabilities and, to a lesser degree, add new features to existing applications.

  8. How IT Solutions Providers Can Maintain A Quality Standard

    An intern working on a research project was asked by his professor to submit a report within a week. The intern did as directed but the report came back quickly with a question, “Is this the best you can do?” Knowing he could have been done better, he worked on it some more before submitting again. The professor returned the report with the same question. The intern amped up his efforts, started from the beginning, and worked on it feverishly.

  9. 5 Legal Requirements Every MSP Must Address

    Launching a managed services practice takes more than just knowing the technology and understanding the recurring revenue model. To stay successful, managed services providers (MSPs) must have an executable growth plan and a strong foundation that includes the right leadership, the right salespeople, the right services, and of course the right legal structures and documentation to build and protect the business.

  10. In WebRTC-Based Software Development, Verticalization Is The Name Of The Game

    There has been a trend in software development over recent years to build products with graphical user interfaces (GUIs) that are a lot more, well, graphical. In an effort to make these experiences more attractive and inviting to users, designers started taking their cues from the gaming world, swapping out verbal descriptors and text-based identifiers for visual equivalents in the form of images and icons. Intuitiveness was the game plan.

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