Managed Services Executive Commentary

  1. 3 Ways Free Managed Services Tools Work Against Your IT Solutions Provider Business

    One of the biggest trends continuing to unfold in the IT channel is the transition from break-fix to managed services. Unlike the unpredictable income and stressful work environments associated with “putting out IT fires” (i.e., break-fix), managed services provide companies with predictable, monthly recurring revenue and a much calmer work environment.

  2. 5 Reasons Channel Partners Can No Longer Ignore Cloud Services

    Analysts are predicting cloud computing will grow to $105B and represent 17 percent of the total IT spend by 2017. Add to the mix that cloud services and solutions are on pace to realize an annual growth rate that’s 5x the total IT spend and it’s safe to say cloud computing is officially  mainstream. So why are only a fifth of today’s channel partners selling and supporting cloud-based solution and services?

  3. Left In The Lurch: Survey Shows Lack Of Vendor Support Dampens Partners’ Enthusiasm For Emerging Tech

    Despite a steady drumbeat of industry optimism over emerging tech such as Big Data, software-defined networking and the Internet of Things, solutions providers take a generally dim view of opportunities in the most hyped technologies.

  4. Is Biometric Identification Ready For Payment Technologies?

    Reading the term “biometric” takes us towards the biological connection between the subject and the term. It is named biometric, because it uses metrics related to human characteristics. Biometric identifiers are mainly categorized into two categories, physiological and behavioral characteristics. Physiological characteristics may include fingerprints, palms, veins, face recognition, DNA, iris recognition, or anything used for identifying a person physically. Behavioral characteristics can involve characteristics related to the pattern of behavior of a person, like typing rhythm, voice, etc.

  5. The Cloud: The Channel’s Biggest Threat And Opportunity In 2015

    The cloud is changing the shape of the channel as we have traditionally known it. The increasing need for managed IT services is driving new opportunities for solutions providers that have once been considered to be VARs to a new era of the managed services provider (MSP). The enabler for this shift? The cloud.

  6. 4 BDR Solution Must-Haves

    Business critical data has to be backed up frequently. Traditionally, business critical data have been stored on tape drives and data can be recovered from the tape when required. But you cannot trust tape completely — there may be chance for data corruption and recovering years of data from tape storage is a cumbersome process.

  7. How To Pick The Right Partner And Build A Successful Connectivity Practice

    If you’re a managed services provider (MSP) looking to jump into the lucrative world of connectivity and telecommunications solutions and services, here’s my advice: Don’t go at it alone. Teaming up with the right business partner or master agent is a proven and profitable way for an MSP to achieve success in this market with minimal investment.

  8. Retail Or Healthcare: Which Is The Bigger Breach Threat?

    Pssst! I have something for you. It is perhaps the worst-kept secret in healthcare. Surely, that grabbed your attention — and here’s what should hold it: Many of the industry’s vendors have done a poor job ensuring their applications are properly patched and up-to-date. And the sheer volume of devices running those applications to access and share confidential patient records complicates matters considerably.

  9. 5 Rookie Mistakes Managed Services Providers Make

    Moving to managed services is harder than it looks. Seemingly everywhere, everyone touts how amazing manages services is. It’s all about the monthly recurring revenue and swimming in those newfound revenue streams.

  10. Using Opportunities In Your PSA To Track Leads

    The most common business issue we hear in serving our HTG peer group members is far and away: “How do we generate more business?” The marketing and sales functions are viewed as a necessary evil to people who get more excited designing, building, and fixing technology solutions. We all know the lifeblood of a business is generating new opportunities from prospects as well as our existing clients. It is critical to the success of the business.

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