Managed Services Executive Commentary

  1. 5 Legal Requirements Every MSP Must Address

    Launching a managed services practice takes more than just knowing the technology and understanding the recurring revenue model. To stay successful, managed services providers (MSPs) must have an executable growth plan and a strong foundation that includes the right leadership, the right salespeople, the right services, and of course the right legal structures and documentation to build and protect the business.

  2. In WebRTC-Based Software Development, Verticalization Is The Name Of The Game

    There has been a trend in software development over recent years to build products with graphical user interfaces (GUIs) that are a lot more, well, graphical. In an effort to make these experiences more attractive and inviting to users, designers started taking their cues from the gaming world, swapping out verbal descriptors and text-based identifiers for visual equivalents in the form of images and icons. Intuitiveness was the game plan.

  3. Your Customer’s Big Data Is Getting Bigger: Help Them Get The Basics Right Today

    The promise of Big Data is that it will reveal insights into a company’s marketing, customers, and products that will help drive big sales. That’s why many of your customers have embraced the Big Data trend to grow their market share and stay competitive.  So where do you, as a reseller, come in?

  4. Ask Coach: What Sharing A Bathroom With 4 Women Taught Me About Family Strategic Planning

    Q: How do I do strategic planning with my family? Coach: Have you ever shared one bathroom with four women? I have. It makes for an interesting study in human relations and tests communication and mutual respect like no other situation I know.

  5. Top 8 Trends For Field Service In 2015

    Today’s enterprise world is fast becoming based on a service economy. With ever advancing technologies and more options and resources to choose from, customers no longer want to buy just a product … they want an experience. That means businesses need to provide quality service encounters that make customers feel like they’re valued and in good hands.

  6. Keeping Your IT Clients’ PLM Grounded As Cloud Adoption Becomes More Mainstream

    There is a lot of talk about cloud computing today and its exponentially growing presence among enterprise technology, particularly product lifecycle management (PLM). While PLM “in the cloud” is available today, its adoption can be slow. PLM provides a central and secure location to track and manage product data throughout the product lifecycle including: component data, bill of materials (BOMs), product documentation, engineering changes and revisions, as well as quality and compliance information.

  7. How Do You Use “Subconscious Metrics” To Validate Identity?

    Identity theft is the most common consumer complaint in America, as chronicled by the Federal Trade Commission’s annual report.  Consumers were already a bit wary about the safety status of their online and store accounts — and then the data breach tsunami hit. Many household names were tarnished due to inadequate defense strategies to combat the innovative minds of cybercriminals.

  8. 5 Reasons Why Rebranding Is Necessary

    In every company there comes the day when the shiny luster has worn off its branding and a company starts to wonder if the brand is doing more harm than good. Even industry giants rethink their brand: Pepsi has rebranded 11 times, Apple has done it three, and Starbucks, four.

  9. 3 Keys To Managing Customer Relationships

    If there’s one thing I’ve learned after more than 25 years in the channel, it’s that new customers don’t come easy — or cheap.

  10. 4 Considerations For VARs Ready To Put Managed Network Security Services At Their Core

    VARs continue to be tasked with shifting their business models to keep up with the growing interest in “as-a-Service” solutions across the IT channel. The challenge today is developing the right strategy and identifying which specific managed services can increase business efficiencies and profits for the end user. VARs should keep their pulse on trends occurring around the Third Platform and the managed services opportunities that result from having billions of mobile devices deployed around the world, combined with the burgeoning amount of data being generated. Network security can be an attractive, if not imperative, starting point for VARs to offer managed services.

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