Managed Services Executive Commentary

  1. Israel’s Bookshelf: New Year’s Edition

    If I am completely honest with all of you, I buy way more books than I read. On average, I probably buy three or four books a month. In addition to those books, I normally get three or four a quarter sent to me from publisher and marketing friends in hopes that I will be part of the social media team that will help promote the book. I say all of that to make the point that the books that I suggest in this column are the ones that I don’t simply read, but that I engage with … books that significantly impact my thinking.

  2. 10 Predictions For Data Protection In 2015

    Here are ten data protection predictions for 2015 covering topics including tape backup, offsite disaster recovery, cloud backup, virtualized backup, and Disaster Recovery-as-a-Service (DRaaS).

  3. Message To MSPs: Adapt To Survive

    In the managed services provider (MSP) business, moving upwards in operational maturity levels (OML) plays a key role in determining the MSP’s technology goals and partnerships. The journey from OML1 to OML5 that is from “Beginning,” “Emerging,” “Scaling,” “Optimizing,” to “Innovating” has been never been an easy task.

  4. Leveling The Online Playing Field: Providing Cloud Services For SMBs

    SMB Group research shows that the use of cloud business and infrastructure applications by SMBs was poised to grow from 33 to 44 percent through 2014. The cloud brings unprecedented cost savings and agility to SMBs, enabling these smaller organizations to automate time-consuming IT tasks and gain easy remote access to business applications and data.

  5. How To Make BYOD Security Easy For The User

    “Bring your own device” (BYOD) is an emerging trend in the IT industry. It provides an option for companies to allow their employees to bring their own devices like laptops and tablets to the workplace and enables the option for users to avoid the limitation of working only from the workplace — employees can choose to work from home with provided access. Most companies are moving to BYOD models since it reduces the cost of the company for device purchase.

  6. What Every Financial Services IT Solutions Provider Needs To Know About Cybersecurity

    Most IT organizations (both in house and outsourced) that support financial services businesses tend to look to regulations as their rulebook to ensure security and keep the auditors off their backs. However, I take a different approach. Not only should the IT organization support the institution’s fiduciary responsibilities but also assist with keeping the company’s name out of negative press due to a breach or data leakage.

  7. Vital Steps For Sales Success In 2015

    This article is going to address some numbers that most salespeople and business owners overlook. But, these are truly the vital numbers, or metrics, that will spell tremendous success for you and/or your team in 2015. Most of us recall the old mantra of “calls plus demos equals sales.” And, that’s true, but it is not as effective a philosophy today as it was back in the last century.

  8. IT Security Should Be The Top Priority For MSPs

    To completely secure a customer’s computing environment, managed services providers (MSPs) must first secure their own. It sounds obvious, but for many MSPs, practicing what they preach isn’t a high priority. 

  9. Why You Should Convince Your Client To Take A Risk-Based Approach To Security

    In general, a client’s idea of security is to evenly distribute security measures over each sector of their firm, widely believed to be the safest approach. I wish to present an alternative, however, with points you can use to convince clients to choose the risk-based approach (RBA).

  10. Will 2015 Mark The End Of The Backup Appliance?

    And, if so, what does that mean for your margins?

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