Managed Services Executive Commentary

  1. Top 6 Cloud-based Services Every MSP Should Offer

    As the pace of business becomes faster and competition takes new leaps every passing day, cloud services have become more mainstream, something which small to large businesses can’t do without. In fact, cloud computing had been at the core of the genesis of agile business tools that allow an enterprise to replace on-premises hardware with an internet connection and just a few monthly subscriptions.

  2. Attributes Of Successful MSPs

    I’m fortunate to work with hundreds of MSP’s through our HTG Peer Groups each quarter, both here in North America as well as Europe and Australia/New Zealand.  Not only do we facilitate two-day interactions with these great leaders, but we benchmark their financials and have them follow a rigorous framework of planning, goal setting and accountability. 

  3. Selling Versus Telling

    There seems to be an age-old debate regarding the differences between selling and telling. When I make sales calls with my clients’ salespeople, I’ve noted an increase in the number of sales calls which are inappropriately identified as selling. More often than not, these people are telling.

  4. On The Fence About Creating Custom Apps? These Tips Will Get You Up And Running

    In its report, The State Of Digital Business 2016 to 2020, Forrester found 46 percent of executives surveyed believe that in less than five years, digital will have an impact on more than half their sales. Digital transformation is everywhere, affecting every industry and individual. Enabled by mobility trends and a more flexible workplace, business can happen anywhere, any time.

  5. Making Cloud Less Cloudy

    It’s neither a secret nor a surprise that cloud computing is a big focus for small and medium-sized enterprises. After all, the average company expects to dedicate 25 percent of its IT budget to cloud computing this year, according to IDC.

  6. A Cloudy Situation: Meeting The Security Needs Of SMEs

    Fear, Uncertainty, and Doubt (FUD) have been used by IT security vendors to scare customers into buying their products for many years. This continues to be an effective tactic even now, but the only difference is that vendors don’t have to try very hard — the stream of cyber-attack and global data breach headlines does the job for them.

  7. 3 Ways A Managed Services Mindset Can Boost Your Bottom Line

    By now, you have probably thought about what you need to move your business toward a managed services model. Maybe you are already on your way or know it’s something you need to get going on, but aren’t sure how to start. To begin your journey, you must first adopt the mantra of: “think like a consultant, deliver like a tech.” Remember moving to a managed services mindset doesn’t mean you have to give up troubleshooting and upgrading new equipment for your clients; in fact it is actually vital to keeping your clients happy on a long-term basis! 

  8. Data Protection Without Borders

    Data sovereignty has garnered a lot of press and discussion over the last few months. But ask data owners, data creators, and those who process data what data sovereignty truly means and you will probably get many unique answers.

  9. Not Your Father’s Partner Programs: Growth Opportunities For The Channel

    Information technology channel partner programs used to be so simple. For years, most partner programs had a straightforward structure. Channel partners, which were typically traditional resellers, participated in “reseller programs.” If partners met sales thresholds and invested in product training, then vendors provided financial and non-financial benefits.

  10. Using Business Rules To Find New Revenue

    While the widespread adoption of cloud computing and Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) is a threat to existing on-premise applications and independent software vendor (ISV) business models. It’s also an opportunity for ISVs to step up and meet market needs as there are numerous ways ISVs can work to not only meet those needs, but boost overall revenue.