Managed Services Executive Commentary

  1. Rack, Stack, And Go Back: Why Hardware Appliance Strategies Don’t Work Anymore

    The dominance of proprietary hardware for application services in data centers is slowly but surely ending. It’s time to look to a software-driven future that is elastic, flexible, and automated not just in the cloud but also in data centers.

  2. A Look At What’s In Store For Business Intelligence In 2016

    The year 2015 has been big for technology and its methods for helping businesses grow, evolve, and discover new levels of success. And as 2016 begins, it’s clear that business intelligence is going to benefit more than ever before.

  3. 6 IT Changes That Will Bring “True Transformation” In 2016

    The year 2016 will be challenging as mobile and cloud force CIOs to adopt a more agile model of information security, policy design, technology evaluation, and lifecycle management. This new approach overturns 30 years of legacy process and mindset but it can no longer be avoided.

  4. Don’t Fall For These 5 Common Myths Of Onboarding Managed Services Clients

    For managed services providers (MSPs), a smooth onboarding experience is critical because it gives new clients a first impression of what your relationship will be like with them. As such, many MSPs dedicate significant resources to optimizing their onboarding strategies, consulting best practices and expert recommendations. However, even when these are all accounted for, there are still several critical factors that are easy to overlook.

  5. 5 IT Security Essentials For Channel Partners In 2016

    What do resellers and managed services providers (MSPs) need to keep top of mind as security threats spiral in 2016? Ongoing vigilance and protection is the only way to stop these threats in their tracks, which is why it’s important to keep pace with new IT security dangers that have recently emerged. At the same time, many existing threats are also expanding and mutating, finding new ways to make their way beyond the corporate firewall.

  6. 5 Predictions For Cloud Security In 2016

    Here are five cloud security predictions for the New Year, covering areas of budget, insurance, jurisdiction, the popular choice among file sharing apps, and the biggest threat to security.

  7. Cybersecurity And The Rise Of The Insider Threat In 2016

    There are many ways that hackers are able to infiltrate corporate networks and slip through multilayered security systems, firewalls, and other safeguards to wreak havoc — which is why it’s critical for businesses to stay alert and know how to identify the weaknesses in their networks so that they can improve their online security systems. Organizations must remain vigilant to the following weaknesses in order to protect sensitive corporate and customer data.

  8. Why Cloud Solutions Will Be Implemented More Often In Regulated Industries In 2016

    In 2016, organizations in highly regulated industries will increase their use of cloud solutions to support and complement their existing technology infrastructure.

  9. 2016: Tech Leaders Forecast Clouds With Heightened Security Measures

    The maturity of cloud services providers and companies’ attitudes will usher in a critical mass of cloud-first companies in 2016. These companies will wholeheartedly embrace cloud services for almost all their technology needs — including security technologies.

  10. New Year, New Goal: Protect Your Business And Your Clients From Cyberattacks

    Cybersecurity has gained some long awaited traction and momentum. The more headlines there are about data breaches, the more stakeholders are paying attention. As your clients look to you for guidance, here are six prevailing security threats businesses need to prepare for in 2016.