Managed Services Magazine

  1. Special Report: IT Insights 2017

    Survey data reveals the hottest verticals and technologies in 2016, and what solutions providers are focusing on for 2017.

  2. Recruit, Hire, And Compensate With The Best

    Established managed services providers walk you through the hiring process: from finding candidates, to selecting the right one, to properly compensating them.

  3. Surefire Strategies For Managed Services Pricing

    Four MSP (managed services provider) experts offer insights on some of the best ways to overcome managed services objections, establish competitive pricing, and more.

  4. The Road Less Traveled To Double-Digit Managed Services Growth

    A former MSP (managed services provider) business owner discusses lessons learned over the years and why being the boss isn’t the only way to drive growth and have a fulfilling career.

  5. 9 Pricing Considerations For Every MSP

    A panel of MSP veterans share their best practices for pricing services.

  6. Why You Can’t Be A Successful MSP Without A PSA

    To make money selling managed services, you have to minimize your labor costs by working smarter, not harder, and that’s where a PSA (professional services automation) solution can help.

  7. Provide A Secure Cloud Service For Healthcare Customers

    This MSP’s persistence helped it beat out an incumbent IT company and win a cloud services deal and several upsell opportunities with a 60-user, multisite medical specialty office.

  8. Eliminate Profit-Draining Practices From Your MSP Business

    Selling month-by-month, fixed-fee managed services requires this managed services provider’s (MSP’s) vigilance in rooting out activities that threaten its profitability.

  9. 4 Managed Services Business Changes You Should Make Right Away

    This MSP made four decisive changes to its business, resulting in 10 percent recurring revenue growth last year and up to 20 percent projected growth this year.

  10. MSP Showcases Total Solution

    Initially passed over due to cost and perceived unneeded services, this MSP ultimately was awarded a services contract when the cheaper option failed to deliver.