White Papers & Case Studies

  1. Capturing Opportunity In A World Of Dynamic Security Threats

    Picture a fortified underground bunker with a single aboveground entrance. Install an iron reinforced door with a secure keypad. Add a heavily armed guard and you’ve got a good chance of fending off anyone who might try to enter unauthorized. Now imagine that the facility is above ground, with 100 doors, all with different access codes that are managed and modified by the employees who access them.

  2. Antivirus And Antimalware Solutions: When One Is Better Than Two

    Perhaps more than any other type of software solution a reseller can offer to its customers, endpoint security products are characterized by a huge gap between their minimal purchase prices and the enormous costs they can entail for clients if they fail to work properly. The financial benefits of retailing antivirus solutions are modest (typical street prices are $24/year per seat, with VAR cost roughly $12), while the potential losses suffered by a VAR’s customer due to virus or malware infections can be devastating.

  3. The Future Of Threat Intelligence, Featuring Perspectives From David Bennett

    The climbing rate of technological advancement demands a new approach to protecting our data and assets from pranksters, thieves and organized groups intent on fraud or cyberterrorism. This new path is comprehensive, real-time threat intelligence.

  4. The Seven Keys To MSP Success

    The best way for any business to grow is strategically: at a manageable pace, and with a clear view of implications and opportunities as they evolve. While there’s no single, all-encom- passing secret to success, these seven guidelines provide a solid framework for profitable, sustainable growth.

  5. Your Smart Manufacturing IT Clients Capitalize On Manufacturing Data

    A major challenge faced by manufacturers is the state of data useable to glean actionable intelligence. Manufacturing, compared to industries that are using more sophisticated data analytics tools — like advertising and finance — is often scrambling to find better ways to use data to improve quality and efficiency.

  6. Events Guide For MSPs And VARs

    From webinars to tradeshows to open houses, here’s how to profit from events large and small.

  7. Defending SMBs With Cloud-Managed Security

    Technology is a two edged sword. On one side, the introduction of new applications, devices, and web services makes people’s lives and jobs easier and more productive. On the other, the increase in user mobility, the migration to faster data pipes and the exchange of more information open businesses up to new threats and increased susceptibility to cyber attacks.

  8. SMBs: The Attacker’s Target

    Cybercrime is increasing at epidemic proportions, from consumers, to SMB organizations to large enterprises. According to avtest.org, an independent service provider of anti-virus research, more malware was found in the past two years than in the previous 10 years combined. From 2013 to 2014, new malware jumped just over 71 percent from 83M to 142M new strains being introduced. And it turns out Small to Medium Business (SMB) organizations are becoming the cybercriminal’s “sweet spot”.

  9. MSP Taps Business Synergies Between Solarwinds N-able And ConnectWise To Grow Services Business

    From day one, Tegen, Ltd., based in the U.K., has focused its business exclusively on managed services. Established in 2002, the firm has quickly made its mark, landing top clients such as Pets Corner – which maintains 80 pet stores across England – and expanding its practice in size and scope.

  10. MSP Stands Out In Brazilian Market With RMM Solution

    Strati, a business unit of Adn Tecnologia (Adn), is a stand-out managed services provider (MSP) on a mission to make IT managers’ lives easier. With a ranking on the prestigious MSPmentor ® 501 list for two years running, the MSP first broke into managed services in 2010 when it aligned with SolarWinds N-able, the global leader in remote monitoring and management (RMM) and service automation software. Starting from scratch, the firm built a base of sustainable clients in just a few years’ time and quickly rose to become N-able’s first Super Elite partner in South America.