White Papers & Case Studies

  1. The MSP Playbook

    The MSP Playbook provides the guidance and resources required to fully establish a Managed Services practice. This process guide is designed to help both existing Managed Service Providers, as well as new organizations establishing Managed Services as a new business unit.

  2. 5 Ways To Capitalize On Cloud Opportunities

    Many technology providers are nervous about the Cloud and what it means for their business.  Rather than look at the Cloud with fear, embrace it and take advantage of the opportunities it brings for new revenue. In this eBook, you’ll learn 5 ways to capitalize on the future of the Cloud in today’s modern office.

  3. 5 Technology Trends You Need To Follow

    Mobile devices, social business apps, and business analytics are converging with the Cloud to create the most substantial changes in technology since the Internet revolution.

  4. The Changing Landscape Of Technology Services

    Technology changes in the blink of an eye.  New products or services are introduced and older versions are obsolete almost immediately.  The convergence of Mobile, Big Data, and the Cloud is setting the stage for a new way of working, collaborating and leveraging business information.

  5. Top 6 Project Breakdowns (And How To Fix Them)

    Project management is either one of those things that you are really good at, and you can breeze right through without any issues, or it’s something that drives you crazy.

  6. Managed Service Provider Attributes Growth To The ConnectWise Community

    Growing an IT Services business in an unstable economy is challenging, but for one MSP, the key to success was the right partnership and business support from a group of peers.

  7. Selling Managed Services: 6 Tips To Reinvent Your Sales Pitch

    You’ve decided to embrace the as-a-service model, but do you still find yourself wondering, ‘How can I convince my clients to buy into this?’

  8. Set Your IT Business Up For Success: Achieving Client Satisfaction In The First 30 Days

    The key to achieving client satisfaction and building long-term client relationships is starting off on the right foot. It is important that the groundwork be laid in advance to ensure a smooth onboarding process, as this is the time when new clients are most critical of the work being performed.

  9. Finding Success In The Cloud

    Over the past few years, the cloud market has grown by leaps and bounds while becoming an integral part of IT operations. Cloud computing is a great way for businesses of all sizes to create collaborative environments with little investment, and it’s a profitable way for IT service providers to expand their services.

  10. Switch To Continuum RMM Delivers User Experience Other Providers Only Promised

    Continuum’s prepackaged RMM solution enables Computer Consultants, Inc., to immediately handle more workload without increasing headcount.