White Papers & Case Studies

  1. Marketing Managed Cloud Services Without Saying "Cloud"

    Why successful MSPs keep the focus on the value of managed services when selling a managed cloud offering.

  2. Overcoming The Top Six Obstacles To Managed Services Success

    How to realize the full potential of managed services and dominate your market.

  3. Growing MSP Increases Efficiency And Improves Operations With RMM Solution

    GCI has experienced consistent growth even in a challenging economy. This successful growth has been attained by focusing its managed services practice on helping organizations optimize IT operations to make the most of their IT spend.

  4. MSP Reboots RMM Automation With New Solution

    My IT is a top-tier managed services provider (MSP) that takes pride in meeting the IT needs of small to midsized businesses (SMBs) and enter- prises throughout the Gulf South area. Based in Metairie, La. and founded in 2000, its clients come from a broad range of industries including auto- motive, healthcare, construction, legal, accounting and manufacturing.

  5. MSP Builds A Winning Business With RMM And MSP Service Automation Platform

    Coming off one of its biggest years ever, ProBleu, Inc. is a managed services provider (MSP) on a mission to meet the needs of small to mid- size businesses (SMBs) in the Bloomington, Indiana. region. The roughly ten-person company is a hometown success story: the MSP generates 85 per cent of its revenue from customers located within 30 miles of its Bloomington headquarters. With more than 150 active clients across the region – from churches and dental practices, to car dealerships, law offices and manufacturers – the ProBleu team runs a busy and thriving practice.

  6. The Key To Scalability: Automating The MSP Environment

    The acceleration and efficiency gained from automation can give managed service providers an operational edge. Tightly integrated with N-central, Automation Manager from N-able Technologies provides a streamlined, customizable, user-friendly platform for automating virtually any process. Its drag-and-drop script builders make it easy to create and maintain thousands of scripts at a time — supporting the optimal use of resources, enabling business growth while providing an exceptional customer service experience.

  7. How To Beat A Cloud Skeptic

    IT professionals looking to embrace the cloud inevitably encounter skeptics who resist the move. This white paper details four key steps to dispelling the skeptic’s fears so that your organization can begin to take advantage of the many benefits of the cloud.

  8. Why You Need Backup And Disaster Recovery

    Let’s get this out right here at the beginning: at some point down the road, your data is going to be in danger. It could be a machine error. It could be a virus. It could be a tornado the size of Nebraska. But sooner or later, you’re going to be in a situation where you’re at risk of losing some or all of your data.

  9. NAS Vs. Server For Small Business

    How do you size up a new client?

  10. Migrating From Tape To Business Continuity At The Oldest Waffle Flour Manufacturer

    When you’ve been in business since 1937, change doesn’t always come easy. For one of the country’s oldest producers of pancake and waffle flour the decision to upgrade their backup technology didn’t happen overnight. However, one of New Carbon’s stated corporate values is “Accountability:

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