White Papers & Case Studies

  1. How To Objectively Evaluate Potential RMM Automation Solutions

    94 “must ask” questions for choosing a complete RMM Automation solution that meets the specific needs of your Managed Services business.

  2. The MSP Automation Breakthrough

    How to automate more tasks, increase productivity, improve customer satisfaction, and reduce risks (with the same technician headcount).

  3. The Case For Managed Endpoint Security

    How to achieve breakthrough growth for your managed services business.

  4. The Ultimate Guide To As-A-Service

    The transition to an as-a-service model is probably the biggest change your business has ever faced. It’s a huge undertaking and it can be daunting. Don’t try to go it alone.

  5. How To Generate New Recurring Revenues From Higher-Value, Higher-Margin Managed Services

    Margins for most service providers are razor thin. Many are asking: how can we add new, breakthrough value to customers? What new sources of revenue can we tap? Many are turning to Managed Services. In doing so, they are generating new, recurring revenue from services that complement their core business and add significant value to customers. It’s a win-win strategy.

  6. Hermetic Networks Saves Time And Headaches With N-Able

    Founded in 2004 by Mike Bailey, Hermetic Networks has seen vast changes take place across its organization since aligning in mid- 2013 with N-able by SolarWinds®, a global leader in remote monitoring and management (RMM) and service automation software. Located in Richmond, Va., the managed service provider’s (MSP) business has kicked into high gear with the power of N-able’s N-central ® MSP service automation platform behind it.

  7. 7 Key Consideration To Help Get Your MSP Service Desk Up And Running - FAST!

    As a Managed Service Provider (MSP) the quality of your service delivery can be vital for the growth and success of your business.

  8. So, You Think You Can Sell Managed Services?

    You’ve worked in the IT industry for X number of years and during that time, you probably think that you’ve seen it all.

  9. Critical Success Factors For In-House NOC And Help Desk Operations

    Providing NOC and help desk support services that are responsive to end customer needs while being cost effective to deliver is a key challenge faced by all managed service providers (MSPs). Surprisingly few get this part of their business right. The inevitable outcome is low- er customer satisfaction, higher customer churn rates, and reduced revenues. It also means you’re constantly looking for new customers in an increasingly competitive marketplace.

  10. 5 Tips For Better Maintenance Contract Management

    VAR’s, MSP’s, and ISV’s live off of their Recurring Revenue stream. They are born from the maintenance and support contracts won from closed deals. They soon become the main source of Cash Flow for all of these businesses.

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