White Papers & Case Studies

  1. Effectively Selling Business Continuity

    The challenge for many MSPs is how to best sell business continuity solutions to the SMB market. In this whitepaper Datto presents six key takeaways to help MSPs; including, sell the value of business continuity (vs. traditional backup), maximize revenue from improved service, manage TCO to yield additional profit, it’s not beneficial to build your own device, and the benefits of partnering with an award-winning business continuity vendor who is 100% channel-focused.

  2. 10 To-Do’s That Should Be On Every MSPs List

    Are you looking to increase profit, improve visibility, and strengthen customer satisfaction – all without breaking the bank?  Datto shows MSPs 10 areas of their business they should evaluate and improve.

  3. Traditional Backup Vs. Intelligent Business Continuity

    Traditional backup methods are no longer sufficient. Technological innovations have created a demand for a new solution standard: Intelligent Business Continuity.  Datto highlights some of the distinct differences.

  4. Sandy Puts Disaster Recovery To The Ultimate Test

    This paper helps exemplify some of the truly unique attributes of Datto—from technology, to product, to service, to leadership, to our valued Partners and their clients.  It’s easy to see what makes Datto the award-winning backup, disaster recovery and intelligent business continuity leader, with a 100% channel focus.

  5. Better Data Recovery Yields Happy Clients

    Stephill Associates, an MSP in New Jersey, was happy to have Datto SIRIS in place when an important client’s mail server was hacked. Read this success story to see how Stephill used the Datto backup and disaster recovery solution to keep the client’s business up and running, with barely a hiccup.

  6. You Won’t Lose Sleep With Datto’s Business Continuity

    ProMission Projects in Idaho is a great example of an MSP with the best interest of their clients in mind.  When a client refused to upgrade their aging server farm, ProMission convinced them to put a Datto SIRIS in place, knowing they’d need a robust backup and disaster recovery solution in place when the servers crashed.

  7. Vendor Management: Reduce Complexities For Your Clients

    How many different vendors do your clients have to deal with?  Printer guys, phone people, security systems…the list goes on.  Simplify life for your clients by offering vendor management as a service.

  8. Improving Profitability For MSSPs Targeting SMBs

    This white paper discusses a configuration option that allows the service provider to address enterprise and SMB managed services requirements, at a reasonable margin, on a single Fortinet chassis.

  9. 7 Steps To Next-Gen IT Managed Services

    An increasing number of managed service providers (MSPs) are moving beyond monitoring and network management and are evolving to help meet the ever-changing needs of their customers. In the 7 Steps to Next-Gen IT Managed Services eBook, learn simple ways to stay ahead of the competition by offering customers exciting new technology solutions.

  10. Mobile Security: Controlling Growing Threats With Mobile Device Management

    From smartphones to tablets, mobile devices in the workplace are here to stay. While they bring added freedom to employees, they also create an additional security risk for your clients.