White Papers & Case Studies

  1. 7 Key Consideration To Help Get Your MSP Service Desk Up And Running - FAST!

    As a Managed Service Provider (MSP) the quality of your service delivery can be vital for the growth and success of your business.

  2. So, You Think You Can Sell Managed Services?

    You’ve worked in the IT industry for X number of years and during that time, you probably think that you’ve seen it all.

  3. Critical Success Factors For In-House NOC And Help Desk Operations

    Providing NOC and help desk support services that are responsive to end customer needs while being cost effective to deliver is a key challenge faced by all managed service providers (MSPs). Surprisingly few get this part of their business right. The inevitable outcome is low- er customer satisfaction, higher customer churn rates, and reduced revenues. It also means you’re constantly looking for new customers in an increasingly competitive marketplace.

  4. 5 Tips For Better Maintenance Contract Management

    VAR’s, MSP’s, and ISV’s live off of their Recurring Revenue stream. They are born from the maintenance and support contracts won from closed deals. They soon become the main source of Cash Flow for all of these businesses.

  5. Setting Your Company On The Path To Cloud-based Services

    As a business manager, you lead the fight every day for sustainable profitability. You spend much of your time devising ways to stay profitable on shrinking product margins and rising labor costs. You have one good project and then a bad one, and the cycle repeats. In the end, the blended gross margins on your installation work is likely to be somewhere between 20 and 30 percent. After making payroll, paying suppliers and normal business expenses your net profit can be 10 percent or less. Sound familiar? 

  6. RMM Helps MSP Transition From Break/Fix To Managed Services

    With AVG Managed Workplace, FPA Technology Services has transitioned from delivering break/fix IT services to managed services built on the foundation of service quality, visibility and revenue predictability.

  7. MSP Sees 400% Increase In Revenue With Switch To RMM Platform

    Alpine Business Systems switched to AVG Managed Workplace for its powerful features, ease of use, and renowned support—and saw their managed services revenue increase by 400% in just three years.

  8. MSP Adds New Customers While Improving And Expanding Service Delivery With RMM Platform

    In the first 18 months of using AVG Managed Workplace, Know Technology, LLC added 13 new customers—including two with over 100 seats— all while improving and expanding service delivery.

  9. 2013 State Of Cloud Backup: MSPs Missing The Mark

    Solution providers continue to miss a significant opportunity to protect their clients and boost their bottom lines with cloud-based backup and recovery services, according to the new State of Cloud Backup survey from channel consulting and research firm The 2112 Group and Business Solutions Magazine on behalf of cloud backup provider Intronis.

  10. The MSP Playbook

    The MSP Playbook provides the guidance and resources required to fully establish a Managed Services practice. This process guide is designed to help both existing Managed Service Providers, as well as new organizations establishing Managed Services as a new business unit.

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