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  1. From MDM To Automation, MSP Charts Course For Managed Services Success

    The MSP surveyed the market for RMM providers, looking at N-able, Level Platforms, Silverback and other providers. CPI ultimately selected N-able not only for its technology, but also for its investment and eagerness to work with the MSP.

  2. Finnish MSP Finds First-Rate Value In Automation Platform

    In northern Finland, CitiusNet has built a lasting IT services partnership with a wide range of small to midsize businesses (SMBs), from construction and accounting firms, to companies in the energy, healthcare, transportation and media industries.

  3. CIT Builds A Strong Managed Services Foundation With Automation Platform

    Computer Integration Technologies (CIT) is a comprehensive IT services firm with an impressive portfolio of offerings – from application training, to hardware products and services, to software development and more. Nearly 10 years ago, it added managed services into the mix, recognizing the growing market opportunity for supporting its SMB (small to midsize business) customers around the clock under a monthly fee arrangement.

  4. CDS Office Technologies Goes For Managed Services Growth With RMM Automation

    CDS specializes in the latest networking, communications, video surveillance and printer/copier technologies – keeping a keen eye on what its customers need and how to serve them best.

  5. CyanIT Sees Managed Services Success With Help From Automation Platform

    Established more than 15 years ago as an IT services company, CyanIT transformed its business to become a managed services provider (MSP) in 2012.

  6. Key Strategies For Beating The Commoditization Curve

    We’ve all seen it many times. Margins on profitable products and services erode as they become commoditized. And now, the same process is starting to happen to the IT services market.

  7. Don't Let Automation Pass You By

    Needless to say, down time can be expensive. The MSP might have to pay their customers for the interruption in service and may also ultimately end up losing some customers in the long run. As such, it's prudent for MSPs to take steps to avoid outages.

  8. How to Show Your IT Value…And Become A Trusted Advisor

    How top MSPs and IT service providers are using standardized reports to demonstrate breakthrough value, retain more customers, and become a trusted advisor to their SMB customers.

  9. MSP Sees Steady Revenue Growth With Help From RMM Software

    When Tim Martin established Neoscope Technology Solutions in February 2006, he had two customers and a desire to find the best remote monitoring and management (RMM) tool available. He demoed one customer with Continuum and the other on a different RMM. Before long, the winner was clear.

  10. Cloud Services Provider Delivers Reliability With Cisco And KEMP

    Peak 10 leverages LoadMaster Software on Cisco UCS to maximize availability and performance of unified data center environment.

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