POS Executive Commentary

  1. 5 Ways To Turn Training Into A Revenue Generator

    Dan Schwab, co-president of D&H Distributing, lists ways VARs can leverage training to their advantage.

  2. The Argument Against Break-Fix In POS

    Kris Harris of POS Nation says most companies take precautions to protect their financial information. Why not take this precaution with the equipment that is charged with capturing the financial information: the point of sale?


  3. How To Explain ROI To Restaurant POS Customers

    Kris Harris of POS Nation says you can help restaurants see the ROI on their point of sale systems that provide tighter inventory control and more accurate inventory forecasting.

  4. Managed Service Myths Break-Fix VARs Believe

    ASCII member Douglas R. Grabowski, managing partner of Grabowski Group, tells why it’s not difficult to change your business from break-fix to managed services He lists five common myths a break-fix VAR might believe — and the truth.

  5. Compete Against “Free” POS: Here’s How

    Andrew Harris affiliate manager of ShopKeep POS®, explains how VARs and other vested parties can make merchants fully aware of the trade-offs involved and advise them of suitable alternatives.

  6. Is The “Break/Fix” Model Still Viable?

    Technology breaks. It’s a reality we all face. Justin Crotty, senior VP and GM of NetEnrich points out that how a solutions provider chooses to manage the breaks is what separates the good from the great.

  7. Mobile POS Hardware: Alternatives To The iPad/iPhone

    Frank Riso, senior director of global lead retail for Motorola Solutions, discusses mobile point of sale solution options.

  8. Legally Speaking: RetailNOW

    Bob Goldberg, RPSA general counsel, returned from Las Vegas after attending RetailNOW 2013, and writes about the event that increases understanding of the industry and its trends and the directions and the opportunities that exist.

  9. Frankensteining POS Can Create A Monster

    Kris Harris of POS Nation provides some ideas to help you encourage your customers not to cut corners and to understand the importance of properly integrating POS with other components.

  10. 3 Ways To Increase Revenue From Consumables

    Dealers understand that the initial hardware purchase is the beginning of a long-term customer relationship and the start of a recurring revenue stream. The post-hardware purchase of consumables provides the real profit and margins for dealers and can generate recurring revenue on a regular basis. Mike Garofola, senior marketing manager, channel and education for OKI Data Americas shares a few tactics for dealers to consider as an opportunity to increasing revenue from consumables.