POS Executive Commentary

  1. ProcessNow®: Sophisticated Processing Solutions For Smaller Businesses

    When is an mPOS solution more than just a mobile device? When it’s ProcessNow® — two solutions that can work together or separately to provide sophisticated electronic cash register (SECR) functionality for small and medium-sized businesses.

  2. Staying Ahead Of The Trends

    In recent years, there has been a lot of attention surrounding tablet-based mPOS systems.

  3. Dealers Can Profit By Accelerating Change To The POS In 2015

    Heads up POS providers — apps have gotten better! Take a second to look at your phone and consider your favorite apps.

  4. How To Use Video To Promote And Enhance Your Business

    Everyone loves watching movies, and video is one of the top marketing tools in today’s business arena. But how do you make the transition from simply entertaining your viewers to growing and enhancing your business?

  5. Ask The Consultant: How Accountable Executives Turn Learning At Industry Events Into Action

    Why do you attend industry conferences? How do you turn the knowledge, contacts and experience into actionable value? Who is accountable for making sure this happens? These are the types of questions I hear business owners and executives ask themselves before, during, and after the events and meetings.

  6. What IT Solutions Providers Need To Know About The Canadian “Zapper” Law

    The March 21, 2013 Federal Budget in Canada announced new administrative monetary penalties (AMPs) and criminal offenses under the Excise Tax Act (Canada).

  7. Are You Drifting? The Danger Of Settling For “Good Enough”

    One of the mantras at HTG is the persistent pursuit of excellence rather than attempting to attain the ever elusive state of perfection. We prefer action and movement rather than the paralysis that naturally results from constant analysis.

  8. Never Enough Time? 5 Key Professional Processes To Automate

    The last 10 years have brought endless new technology into our personal lives. We no longer use maps, phone books, or disposable cameras because smartphones have automated these tasks to require little more than the click of a button on our iPhones.

  9. 3 Tips On How To Become A Microsoft SQL Server Licensing Hero

    Recently during a staff meeting, a team member was discussing a boot camp he had just attended focused on Microsoft licensing. He told us that the lead instructor had explained that the licensing status of Microsoft Enterprise customers generally falls into one of two categories: out of compliance or spending more on software licensing than necessary. Of course, virtually all SQL Server users would likely prefer to be in the category of: in compliance and not spending one penny more than necessary on SQL Server software licensing. But as you may already know, getting there is the tricky part.

  10. The Future Of Fraud Protection: Tokenization-As-A-Service

    According to Gartner, 10 percent of overall IT security enterprise product capabilities will be delivered in the cloud by 2015. Furthermore, 27 percent of those surveyed indicated they were considering deploying tokenization as a cloud service. Gartner believes regulatory compliance measures, such as those related to the Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard (PCI DSS), are driving increased interest in Tokenization-as-a-Service.

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