POS Executive Commentary

  1. Legally Speaking: RetailNOW

    Bob Goldberg, RPSA general counsel, returned from Las Vegas after attending RetailNOW 2013, and writes about the event that increases understanding of the industry and its trends and the directions and the opportunities that exist.

  2. Frankensteining POS Can Create A Monster

    Kris Harris of POS Nation provides some ideas to help you encourage your customers not to cut corners and to understand the importance of properly integrating POS with other components.

  3. 3 Ways To Increase Revenue From Consumables

    Dealers understand that the initial hardware purchase is the beginning of a long-term customer relationship and the start of a recurring revenue stream. The post-hardware purchase of consumables provides the real profit and margins for dealers and can generate recurring revenue on a regular basis. Mike Garofola, senior marketing manager, channel and education for OKI Data Americas shares a few tactics for dealers to consider as an opportunity to increasing revenue from consumables.

  4. 5 Ways PSA Reports Can Improve Your Business

    Suzy Kratochvil, director of training and implementation for Tigerpaw Software gives five ways professional services automation (PSA) reports can improve your business, providing a greater depth of data and analysis than reports from an accounting application or CRM tool alone.

  5. SYNNEX VP Comments On ‘As A Service’ Model

    This is a response to the recent article “‘As a Service’ Means Risk, But Great Rewards for POS VARs” by Mike Monocello, chief editor of Business Solutions magazine.

  6. 5 Ways To Profit From Selling Mobile POS

    For Years, Merchant Service Providers Have Been Hindered By Tough Competition and Tight Margins. Will Offering Mobile POS Technology Get Providers Back into the Fast Lane?

  7. Six Mistakes To Avoid With Mobile Payments

    When your customers are ready to buy, they shouldn’t have to wait. You should be able to take their payment anywhere in the store. But are you ready for the challenges that provides?

  8. The Appetite For 802.11ac Standards

    The appetite for wireless bandwidth is seemingly insatiable. Today employees typically tote a combination of smartphones, tablet computers and laptops – all which allow them to stay connected to the people and information they need to get their jobs done quickly and efficiently. As a result, there are more devices and more traffic pressuring the performance on wireless networks, and many enterprises are looking toward the capabilities that 802.11ac standards will bring.

  9. Why Purpose?

    Purpose. A definitive statement about the difference you are trying to make in the world. Why does purpose matter? Why not just work on sound strategy and positioning year after year and have a good, viable business in the marketplace? You can certainly do that, and you may even have reasonable success doing it. But in our experience, purpose offers up a host of benefits, including easier decision-making, greater organizational alignment, deeper employee and customer engagement and ultimately, more personal fulfillment and happiness. And in the end, a clear and compelling purpose is a huge tiebreaker in the marketplace that will make not only
    your people and your customers happier, but also your shareholders.

  10. RSPA President's Note — June 2013

    One of our members recently told me that change is not the issue - it’s keeping up with the change that’s important. I agree! Since my entry into the business I have yet to see technology go backwards. Imagine attending a trade show and hearing about slower CPUs or smaller screens with less resolution or software applications with less functionality for more money. Our industry doesn’t work that way.