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  1. Break Out Of Paltry POS Sales

    Selling complementary IT solutions and professional services contracts are driving this retail VAR’s projected 150 percent revenue growth.

  2. Hospitality Tech Evolves To Incorporate Payment Changes

    VARs can add to value and revenue with additional POS features.

  3. Retail Management System Replaces Paper-Based Process

    New POS software helps solve a liability problem while growing a customer database at this indoor trampoline park.

  4. You Probably Aren’t As Unique As You Think

    What makes you and your company different? Is it your people? Is it how much you care about your customers? Is it all the training you have and industry certifications? Is it the solutions you offer?

  5. How To Make Money Off EMV Today

    Most merchants are laser-focused on doing one thing: selling their wares. POS terminals and payment processing only gain mindshare when they stand to help the merchants sell more or threaten to lose money. While EMV is important and something retailers are going to have to deal with, the deadline for compliance is still far enough on the horizon that merchants who are aware of it aren’t feeling much urgency to spend money to update their payment infrastructures. And, of course, there are plenty of merchants who are unaware of EMV and the deadline. So, if merchants aren’t feeling the urgency of the deadline, how can VARs make money off EMV now?

  6. The Payment Industry’s Perspective On EMV

    “EMV is designed to authenticate the validity of the payment card presented at each POS, which it does very well, so there really are no shortcomings. It can do it offline and online; it’s very versatile and very configurable. Critics say it doesn’t do anything for e-commerce, but that’s because EMV isn’t designed for e-commerce. It’s specifically designed for a cardpresent transaction. The e-commerce environment has different needs, and there are various solutions available to mitigate fraud losses in that environment.” — Allen Friedman, director of payment solutions, Ingenico Group

  7. ISVs Struggle With EMV

    Like VARs, ISVs have the tough task of trying to make sense of the official information (or lack thereof) concerning EMV. However, while VARs can take the (not advisable) wait-and-see approach, ISVs need to ensure they aren’t caught with a solution that lacks EMV capabilities when the time arrives. Additionally, ISVs will have to spend some time and money working on their EMV integrations. If you’re an ISV trying to determine your next steps regarding EMV and payment security, check out the following advice from other ISVs.

  8. What Does EMV Mean To VARs?

    As a VAR working with merchants and selling any combination of POS hardware, software, and payment processing, you’re in the middle of the EMV topic. If you feel like EMV is currently a point of frustration with the distant hope of turning into something lucrative, you’re not alone.

  9. Why Now Is The Right Time To Make EMV Sales

    About two years ago, I recall a meeting at our offices where one Business Solutions team member was full of conviction that we needed to create an educational guide to EMV. At the time, EMV was just barely on the radar of payments companies after the card brands announced migration plans for the United States. We surveyed our readers (both VARs and software developers) and found that creating an EMV guide at that time would be premature. Thankfully, the survey results showed that we didn’t have to twiddle our thumbs waiting for EMV to gain momentum. Our audience still wanted information on EMV and payments security in general.

  10. From Flat To Flourishing: The Smart Way To Grow POS Revenue

    This retail VAR discovered innovative ways to bundle customers’ legacy POS equipment with professional and payment processing services, which is leading to $500,000 in projected revenue growth this year.

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