POS Magazine

  1. Increase Revenue By Delivering Data Intelligence

    Simplifying the critical restaurant application landscape on a single software platform is driving big gains for a new ISV.

  2. Big Changes For The Retail IT Channel

    At the time of this writing, I’m fresh off of RSPA RetailNOW 2016. Coming back from an event like RetailNOW, my mind and notebook are overloaded with takeaways from the various education sessions, keynote speakers, and interactions with resellers and vendors. Indeed, over the four-plus days I was in Texas, I have more than 30 pages of notes.

  3. Address The Needs Of Small Restaurants

    Experts share details on the most significant needs of small restaurants, where the lowest hanging fruit resides, and what VARs can do to win big with this market.

  4. Subscription-Based POS Is A Big Win For C-Stores And VARs

    This ISO-turned-VAR converted a small mini-mart into a customer for life by bundling an affordable point of sale (POS) offering with payment services.

  5. EMV Integration Addresses Legacy POS

    This POS solutions provider has worked with its payment partner to develop an EMV integration for old RMS systems.

  6. Earn Mobile POS Profits With A Startup VAR Mentality

    This hospitality VAR-turned-ISV (independent software vendor) is finding new double-digit revenue growth after developing its own cloud-based mobile POS (point of sale) solution.

  7. Optimizing The Optometry Opportunity

    Helping clients manage mandates, inventory, and transactions drives 50 percent growth for this consultant-turned-enterprise eye care software vendor.

  8. Is Tablet POS On Your Line Card?

    This ISV upgraded a sports bar and grill with its cloud-based tablet software that runs on iPads.

  9. Bring Multi-Site POS To Restaurants

    This VAR did a complete POS hardware and software overhaul for a Vietnamese restaurant chain in Los Angeles.

  10. Three Proactive Steps To Close The EMV Awareness Gap

    As October 2015 came and went, fraud liability not-so-silently shifted to U.S. business owners whose POS devices are not equipped to accept chip card payments. According to The Strawhecker Group, only 27 percent of businesses have implemented chip technology, and surveys show a wide EMV chip awareness gap among consumers, which means there’s still work to be done.