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  1. Bematech Partner Plus Program

    A global network of opportunities

  2. Harbortouch Delivers Turnkey “As-A-Service” Solution

    Free POS Program Provides The Answer for VARs Seeking “As-a-Service” Offering

  3. Discover® Is Partnering With The POS Channel To Accelerate EMV Deployment

    For the past several years Discover has been in discussions with key participants in the integrated Payments Channel in order to help plan for and accelerate EMV deployment. Discover has conducted EMV engagement discussions with the top ISVs in the channel in order to share information and validate EMV enablement plans.

  4. Where The Growing Hospitality Market Will Spend Its IT Budget

    Solutions your hospitality IT customers are considering range from traditional POS to locationing and analytics, but they share a common goal of enhancing the customer experience.

  5. The Biggest Opportunity In Retail IT: Changes In Payment Technologies

    Business Solutions polled channel vendors on the biggest opportunity in retail IT, and nearly all of the responses included ways to capitalize on the changing landscape of payment technologies.

  6. Forget Tablet POS, ECRs Still Have Their Place

    There are still many instances where full-blown POS or the most advanced tablet POS solutions are overkill. Here’s one example.

  7. How Consumer Centricity Built An ISV

    By focusing its tech development on its customers’ customers, hospitality VAR/ISV PointOS keeps on growing.

  8. A Marriage Of POS & Managed Services

    This POS VAR is leveraging remote monitoring and management (RMM) tools to provide automated service to his retail and restaurant customers.

  9. Why Now Is The Right Time To Sell EMV

    With an October 2015 deadline fast approaching, VARs and ISVs should be pushing EMV to merchants with urgency.

  10. Channel Consolidation: Big Trouble Or Business As Usual?

    We asked VARs, MSPs, and integrators to share their thoughts on how channel consolidation is affecting business.