POS Videos

  1. Merchant Warehouse Demos BINSmart
    At the ETA Annual Meeting and Expo in Las Vegas, Business Solutions met with Henry Helgeson, president and co-CEO of Merchant Warehouse, who shared a quick overview of the company's new BINSmart solution. According to Helgeson, BINSmart is designed to help businesses minimize their card payment processing costs.
  2. Panoptic Security Talks PCI
    At the ETA (Electronic Transaction Association) Annual Meeting & Expo, Business Solutions caught up with Tim Cranny, CEO of Panoptic Security, a technology security company VARs can work with to assess a merchant's PCI compliance condition. As Cranny explains in the below video, PCI is a threat, but it's also a great opportunity for VARs to upsell merchants and provide a more sticky service.
  3. Video: What VARs Can Learn From The "Long Tail" Concept
    Business Solutions magazine president Jim Roddy sits down with executives from APG Cash Drawer in an exclusive series of interviews at APG's headquarters in Minneapolis. In this interview, four APG executives define the Long Tail concept, explain how VARs can implement effective Long Tail systems, and discuss specific Long Tail principles resellers can apply to improve their business. By APG Cash Drawer