White Papers & Case Studies

  1. University Of British Columbia: Using Cashless Vending To Enhance Service Across The Campus

    For students, faculty, alumni, supporters, and administrators, there’s no doubt that higher education has evolved into an uber-competitive industry. Students must compete with other highly qualified individuals to secure coveted acceptances. And institutions, for their part, must vie with other schools around the world to attract world-class talent.

  2. Cash Transactions In A Mobile World

    For two decades, the PC has reigned supreme over POS solutions, operating as point of sale terminals that sit on counters and control various peripherals. However, the need for PC-centric solutions is waning as a more flexible POS model emerges.

  3. When The Chips Are Down: Understanding The EMV Safety Net

    As U.S. credit card issuers and merchants move closer to the adoption of the EMV (Europay,MasterCard, and VISA) standard—the globally-accepted approach to payment security based on smart card technology—it’s important to understand how the payment process will work when and if the new technology fails.

  4. Cardholder Verification Method (CVM): Considerations In A Changing Payments Landscape

    With the migration to EMV, merchants, VARs and integrators play a role in ensuring changes to CVMs are seamless and efficient at the point of sale (POS).

  5. Planning For EMV: Integrated Or Semi-Integrated Payment Solutions?

    As Merchants, VARs and integrators work together to assess their approach to EMV adoption, the payment application integration scheme should top the list of considerations.

  6. EMV: Preparing For Changes To The Retail Payment Process

    A forthcoming shift in the liability for card-present fraud—and changes to the customer-facing payment process—require the attention of merchants and acquirers.

  7. Tapingo And Star Micronics Team Up To Simplify The Retail Industry

    Tapingo, Inc. recently set out to dramatically improve the customer experience for quick service and pick-up food ordering both in traditional retail environments and on college campuses. Tapingo, a leader in the mobile ordering industry, wanted a solution that would deliver a great experience to their customers and tightly integrate with their partners to provide unforgettable service.

  8. Le Mile Public House Installs Maitre’D To Serve More Customers Faster

    Le Mile Public House needed a way to speed up its operations and turn tables faster, so it began exploring restaurant point-of-sale solutions that would increase customer throughput, give servers a few more minutes to spend with each table and boost its overall bottom line.

  9. Is Donation Technology Right For Your Business?

    The intent of this paper is to assist ISO’s and VARs in determining how technology fundraising at the POS may fit into your business model.  It may not be for everyone.  Guidance is provided on the types of retailers and their consumers you may want to start with, as well as the type of Non-Profit Organization you may want to choose.  If you have your own favorite charities, then the guidance can be used on which target markets might generate the highest donation levels for you.

  10. 10 Reasons To Switch To IP-based Video

    In this paper we’ll take a look at ten key motivators for switching from analog to IP-based cameras. Obtain a more reliable security system, reduce costs, and create value for your business.

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