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  1. VAR’s POS Upgrade Leads To 30% Increase In Throughput For Grocery Chain

    Super Value Foods is a 14-store chain of grocery stores located in Nassau, Bahamas. The stores average between 12 and 16 lanes in each store with a high volume of transactions. Three years ago, the chain embarked on a plan to upgrade the POS registers in all of the stores.

  2. The Future Of Payments - Converging Payment Types And Customer Programs Are Creating Disruption For POS Developers, Agents And Merchants

    Near field communication (NFC), EMV, QR and bar codes, and mobile wallets – just a few of the new payment types entering or expected to enter the marketplace in the coming year.

  3. Convergence & Opportunity In The Payments Industry

    For value-added resellers and POS (Point of Sale) Developers looking to provide greater value to their merchant customers, this rapidly evolving market dynamic offers a unique opportunity as the payment solutions, technology platforms and payment processors are all coming together to offer unparalleled convenience and simplicity in new payment solutions.

  4. Luci’s Healthy Marketplace Improves Efficiency And Customer Satisfaction With Restaurant Pro Express™ Mobile

    Luci’s Healthy Marketplace is a gourmet natural market, caterer and coffee bar located in Phoenix,
    AZ. Because Luci’s caters to a variety of health and dietary needs, they provide many ordering options to their guests to ensure they get their food and coffee orders the way they like them.  By pcAmerica

  5. Kabob Hutt Boosts Profits And Customer Satisfaction Using Restaurant Pro Express™ Mobile

    Kabob Hutt, a Persian restaurant in Corona, California, is a local favorite known for its generous portions, exotic spices and belly dancing performances. The restaurant draws rave reviews from diners who can’t get enough of its lamb, chicken and filet mignon kabobs, stews and flavorful appetizers.  By pcAmerica

  6. The Case For Retail-Hardened POS
    Even in environments where handheld devices can complement traditional checkout counters, retailers must retain durable, highly functional POS equipment as part of their core store systems.
  7. Quick-Service Restaurant Operator Satisfaction And Expenses Related To POS Terminals
    This white paper analysis is based on a survey conducted on a portion of QSR’s readership and their experience with their POS hardware used in their quick service chain restaurants.
  8. Four Industry Professionals "UP the Ante"
    This summer two individuals from Postec in Roswell, GA and two from BMC in Lansing, MI, completed the RSPA Specialist certificate programs.
  9. State Of The Industry (Presented By RSPA)
    As we close out 2011, connect takes an in-depth look at how each facet of our industry is fairing and, more importantly, what we have to look forward to in 2012. We had some of the industry's experts check-in to give us their diagnosis on 'how the industry is doing.' Take a look at what our experts have to say about current conditions, emerging technologies, and trends in several of our industry's key markets. We also are asking you for your opinion — what is the state of the industry?
  10. Put PCI Behind You, Continued
    In the March 2011 issue of Business Solutions magazine, I had the chance to talk with Steve Van Zoeren, co-owner of Anthology Development, LLC, an independent software vendor (ISV) specializing in retail bookselling software. By Mike Monocello
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