Physical Security Executive Commentary

  1. 5 Ways To Turn Training Into A Revenue Generator

    Dan Schwab, co-president of D&H Distributing, lists ways VARs can leverage training to their advantage.

  2. Managed Service Myths Break-Fix VARs Believe

    ASCII member Douglas R. Grabowski, managing partner of Grabowski Group, tells why it’s not difficult to change your business from break-fix to managed services He lists five common myths a break-fix VAR might believe — and the truth.

  3. 4 Tips to Boost IT Services Profitability

    Len DiCostanzo, senior VP of community and business development for Autotask, gives four tips to help improve pricing strategies to increase profits on IT solutions.

  4. 3 Mistakes VARs Make When Selling To Hospitals

    In today’s competitive market, following an appropriate sales mode is crucial for success in the healthcare vertical. Eddie Franklin, VP of public sector/vertical markets for SYNNEX, tells you three pitfalls to avoid.

  5. Is The “Break/Fix” Model Still Viable?

    Technology breaks. It’s a reality we all face. Justin Crotty, senior VP and GM of NetEnrich points out that how a solutions provider chooses to manage the breaks is what separates the good from the great.

  6. 10 Reasons To Switch From Analog Cameras And DVRs To IP Cameras And NVRs

    Jay Krone, managing director of LenovoEMC, lists 10 reasons why now is the perfect time for companies to switch from legacy analog cameras and DVR systems to HD cameras and dedicated network video recorders (NVRs) for video surveillance needs.

       By Jay Krone, managing director of LenovoEMCBy Jay Krone, managing director of LenovoEMCBy Jay Krone, managing director of LenovoEMCBy Jay Krone, managing director of LenovoEMC

     By Jay Krone, managing director of LenovoEMCJau

      Jay Krone, managing director of LenovoEMCJay Krone, managing director of LenovoEMC

  7. Emergency Communication Phases Reinforce Business Continuity Plan

    Technology advancements have given us the ability to communicate in real time. In fact, with all of the advancements, it has become more difficult to justify poor communication. Technology increases connectivity and productivity, and it can also save lives during an emergency.

  8. The Appetite For 802.11ac Standards

    The appetite for wireless bandwidth is seemingly insatiable. Today employees typically tote a combination of smartphones, tablet computers and laptops – all which allow them to stay connected to the people and information they need to get their jobs done quickly and efficiently. As a result, there are more devices and more traffic pressuring the performance on wireless networks, and many enterprises are looking toward the capabilities that 802.11ac standards will bring.

  9. How To Build A Powerful, Budget-Friendly Surveillance System For SMB Retailers

    Today, there’s no doubt that video surveillance is moving to IP networks for a number of reasons such as superior image quality from IP cameras, ability to easily integrate video with other systems such as access control, the need for accessing video from remote locations and the added value from video analytics.

  10. IP Video In Retail: ROI Via Enhanced Productivity & Stronger Data

    Retail is a dynamic market, constantly changing and evolving due to the economic climate, buyer behavior, and the rise and fall of criminal activity. It's also a challenging market, where thin profit margins make cost control not just a useful strategy but a daily and constant requirement of doing business.