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  1. WFM Of The Future

    Your time clocks might just keep ticking, but the future of WFM hardware is in open architecture, highly configurable, application-driven terminals like Accu-Time’s new Universal Series.

  2. IP-Based Security Offers The Flexibility To Manage A School's Security Long-Term

    At Bakersfield City School District (BCSD), the greatest issue for installing, operating, and maintaining the Sony security system is the sheer scale of it. The district is spread out over 158 square miles with more than 28,000 junior high school, middle school, and elementary school students enrolled on 41 campuses.

  3. Reducing Costs While Enhancing Reliability Of Video Surveillance Storage Systems

    The migration of video recording media from analog VCR tapes to digital hard disk drives has been motivated by a desire to reduce costs while maximizing the number of cameras and days of retention achieved on a finite amount of storage capacity. By John Minasyan, Senior Product Manager Pelco

  4. South Glen Falls School District Deploys Security Surveillance Platform To 5 Schools

    South Glen Falls School District is facing a number of information technology (IT) challenges and opportunities to enhance curriculum and student safety in the 21st century.

  5. School District Blazes Path To All-IP Future

    Network systems analyst Brian Johnson and his colleagues in the IT department at the Escambia County School District in Pensacola, Florida, didn’t need a crystal ball to know that video surveillance was transitioning to an all-IP world when they began their search for a standardized, district-wide solution four years ago.

  6. The Value Of Unified Security Solutions In The Retail Environment

    Retail is a dynamic market, constantly changing and evolving due to the economic climate, buyer behavior, and the rise and fall of criminal activity. As shoplifting and employee theft continue to be chief sources of shrink, it is becoming increasingly clear to retailers that their existing tools such as analog CCTV systems are ineffective.

  7. Analytics Adds Importance To Security

    In light of increasing violence at schools across the country, Onondaga Central School District decided to put a preventative security strategy in place to help protect its school property, 1,000 students and 180 faculty.

  8. Making The Move To High-Definition Surveillance

    Attracting students from across the country, Des Moines Area Community College (DMACC) is the largest and fastest growing community college in Iowa and is committed to providing  each student the freedom to learn and enjoy the college experience in an orderly, safe, and lawful manner.

  9. Solesa Chooses Axis' Thermal Network Cameras To Provide Security For A Solar Field

    The state-ofthe-art technological solutions provided by Axis include: an IP infrastructure that is easy to install and appropriate for all types of terrain; an HDTV video network that may be monitored remotely via PC, tablet or smartphone; 34 thermal network cameras and 2 IP cameras that provide reliable surveillance and a reduced risk of false alarms.

  10. Improving Video Surveillance With Megapixel Cameras

    The advantages of using megapixel cameras with advanced IP video surveillance management software. By Milestone

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