White Papers & Case Studies

  1. Axis Network Cameras And Video Servers Provide City And Travelers With Real-Time Traffic Information
    The New York City Department of Transportation (NYC DOT) wanted to upgrade its existing traffic monitoring system, which was based on analog technology.
  2. Physical Security: How To Achieve Greater Levels Of Functionality While Reducing Cost And Complexity
    This white paper outlines the benefits of these pre-bundled solutions.
  3. Pivot3 RAIGE™ Cluster Solution Is The Preferred Means To Store Video Images Used As Evidence In Criminal Cases
    There’s no margin for error when it comes to public safety. Metropolitan police departments all across the country are doing their best to deter criminal activity.
  4. Immediate ROI For Aéropostale
    Aéropostale has become a venerable retail brand, having steadily earned a reputation as the hip, yet value-minded outlet for teen fashion. By Dayforce, Inc.
  5. Understanding Technologies For Creating High-Security ID Cards
    Before you purchase a card printer, there are a few things you should know about ID cards and printers.
  6. The True Value Of Video Intelligence
    Today, organizations face greater physical security risks than perhaps ever before — from terrorism and violence to theft, vandalism, and fraud. While terrorism grabs much of the spotlight, other statistics are also striking.
  7. Interface And Honeywell Join Forces To Provide A Digital Video Solution For Sunoco
    Security has always been a major focus for the management team at Sunoco. Over the years, continuous investments in technology have been made to protect their chemical plants, refineries, and thousands of miles of pipeline from catastrophic events.
  8. Megatrends In Video Surveillance
    This paper will introduce you to many of these latest developments, including important innovations like wireless IP surveillance networks, video analytics, biometrics, and integration with access control and other systems.
  9. Considerations When Selecting A Digital Video Management Platform
    A digital video management system acts as the front end interface to the operators of a security system. It is the most visible component in a security and surveillance installation and often the most important component to decide on.
  10. Watching Over Staff And Patient Safety
    New video technology is improving the care and safety of patients, visitors and staff in Alberta Health Services health facilities. Story by Erin Martinez