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  1. 6 Video Surveillance Trends VARs Need To Watch

    The security industry is constantly changing, and trends come and go. But for Value-Added Resellers (VARs), the challenge lies in simply keeping up with the latest and greatest offerings from a seemingly endless supply of manufacturers. For the video surveillance market in particular, the sheer amount of growth expected to take place is enough to make VARs take pause and think about what they would truly like to offer end users. According to research firm IHS, the global surveillance market is expected to reach $23.6 billion by 2018, and with this in mind, the world is the VAR market’s proverbial oyster.

  2. Take It To The Bank

    How would your customers react if you “increased” their cash revenue by 25%?

  3. RSPA President’s Note - April 2016

    Spring is in the air—that means daffodils, warmer weather, and… security. Wait—security?

  4. Developer Partner Security Checklists

    What are 3 questions you suggest that VARs ask a developer partner about data security/cyber security before they decide to partner with them?

  5. What’s Driving The Need For Outsourcing And What Does The Future Hold

    Almost anything can be outsourced, but is outsourcing in your best interests? And what results should you expect if you choose to go this route? In this exclusive interview, Mark Clayman, CEO and President of TriCore Solutions, looks at the past, present, and future of outsourcing, as well as best ways to capitalize on it.

  6. How The MSPs Role Changes When Clients Transition To The Cloud

    When companies move to the cloud, do they still need a managed service provider? The short answer is yes. The longer answer explains why MSPs will play a slightly different role in complementing a company's cloud strategy. In fact, 80 percent of businesses incorporating cloud deployment plans state they will still depend on MSPs for a variety of reasons, none of which can be fulfilled solely by transitioning to the cloud.

  7. 5 Marketing Tactics That Drive MSP Success

    Marketing is a critical part of effectively growing any business. How and what you communicate about your business to customers and prospects can make the difference between success and failure. Yet, for many MSPs and IT service providers, marketing often falls to the bottom of the to-do list. For some, this is due to lack of experience or skill in marketing. Others simply don’t have the time or resources to focus on marketing their business.

  8. Myth Vs. Facts Of Being A Business Owner

    This April Fools we thought it timely to look at some of the myths that trick small business owners. Do you recognize any of your thinking in the myth column?

  9. EMV Solution Helps Win Market Share For VAR

    Adoption of EMV within the United States has met many challenges. One of which is in the restaurant industry, where the pre-authorization and tip process conflicts with the way EMV chip cards are processed. However, OSS Data, a VAR servicing the Miami region has been moving its restaurant customers over to EMV with little problem.

  10. The Importance Of Social Media And Digital Marketing For VARs And ISVs

    Success for a VAR and ISV depends primarily on the amount of customers they gain and keep. Like many other industries, one of the biggest challenges VARs and ISVs face is finding the most effective way to market their business to drive customer acquisition. Past marketing tactics included advertisements within industry related magazines, websites, events, and direct mail campaigns.