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  1. What’s Your Number? A Business Value Conversation

    In the April HTGWAY, I talked about two legacies that we’ll leave as business owners – a personal legacy and a business legacy. Both are critical and obviously related. But let’s focus on the reality of how most of us view our business in regard to provide a legacy – it is a major (if not the major) source of funding four our retirement and future. It’s that simple for most, if we miss in creating enough value in our company we will fall short in having enough dollars to fund our lifestyle in retirement the way we wish it to be.

  2. Connected Retail Stores Are Putting Pressure On Network Resilience

    In our role as an IT equipment reseller and supplier, we’re charged with providing network connectivity solutions for many retailers with brick and mortar stores across the country. One of the more interesting trends we’ve been witnessing has been the unyielding expansion in the scope of what those retailers rely upon connectivity to achieve.

  3. 4 Ways To Deal With Cybersecurity Risks

    Web application security is a very hot topic these days. So what do CISOs need to know in order to deal with related risks?

  4. Protect Yourself From Cybercrime: 6 Best Practices To Implement Now

    Today, most companies have at least a basic awareness of the need to reduce their vulnerability to cybercrime. There is also increasing awareness of the need to be prepared for the possibility they will be the victim of an attack. These are good first steps, but there is a wide disparity of understanding about what exactly those actions and preparations should include, as well as how much emphasis and resources should be dedicated to them.

  5. How Software Companies Are Overcoming EMV-Related Challenges

    Total Merchant Services is a credit card merchant account acquirer that provides solutions to merchants and sales partners while focusing on technology-driven products designed to help small businesses prosper and grow. Scott Blum is VP of Marketing, Business Development and Software Partners for Total Merchant, which was named the 2012 ISO of the Year by the Electronic Transactions Association (ETA) for providing payment industry sales professionals with outstanding product and service innovation.

  6. Do Mobile Payments Offer Better Security?

    Mobile payments seem to be all the rage these days. Whether they are done at an Apple Pay terminal, via an NFC reader or a smartphone equipped with a reader, mobile payments are fast becoming a widely accepted way to purchase items and services. Many customers find this form of payment to be cutting-edge and fast, but is it as secure as the hype would suggest?

  7. Are EMV Cards As Secure As We Think?

    If you have received a new credit card lately, chances are good that it is fundamentally different from your past plastic. After a seemingly endless onslaught of data breaches and credit card fraud, U.S. businesses have finally followed in the footsteps of their European counterparts and adopted credit cards implanted with EMV chips. Designed to totally eliminate contact between a consumer’s credit card and a merchant and to encrypt every aspect of the transaction, these “smartcards” seem to be the answer to the prayers of retailers and law enforcement agencies alike.

  8. What Does The Future Look Like For Payment Security?

    Now that more and more consumers are choosing to leave their cash at home in lieu of plastic and mobile payment choices, security for these transactions is a top priority. We have seen disastrous data breaches in recent years that have compromised the personal data of millions of Americans. You may be wondering if plastic and mobile transactions will ever be 100% impenetrable by hackers, but new innovations in payment technology continue to strengthen the fortress.

  9. Life Imitating Art: Understanding The Dangers Of XSS Attacks
    Cross-site scripting, or XSS, is a vulnerability so common that not only is it number three on the OWASP top 10, but it also just become a real-life storyline related to the popular hacking TV drama Mr. Robot. When the USA Network launched the website promoting season two of Mr. Robot, a white hat hacker also immediately uncovered an XSS vulnerability that would have allowed an attacker to gather users’ Facebook information.
  10. Follow The Data To Capture Monthly Recurring Revenue From Cloud Backup Services

    The move to cloud computing disrupts the traditional MSP business model. How can MSPs embrace the disruption?