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  1. Making The Switch To Webroot: Lighter Weight, Better Protection, Increased Profits

    Two years ago, SWAT Systems had had enough of its antivirus software. At the time, the Seattle-based MSP had tried a succession of antivirus products, and not one of them had worked as well as they needed. “The products were not a good fit for us,” recalls David Blake, Chief Technology Officer at SWAT. “Clients’ machines were still getting infected and the products were too resource intensive.”

  2. The Next-Generation Partner For MSPs

    When selecting an endpoint security partner to augment your product portfolio, it’s important to choose one who understands unique MSP challenges, addresses key pain points, and provides a quality product that reduces costs. At Webroot, we believe next-generation endpoint protection isn’t just about providing superior security against modern malware.

  3. Webroot Phishing Threat Trends

    “Who would ever fall for that?” That’s what many people think when they see a phishing attempt, since less advanced types of phishing often involve laughable requests with terrible grammar and spelling to lure victims. Most of these are sent to a large number of recipients in hopes that a few will respond, as even the smallest margin of return is a success. However, the majority of today’s phishing attacks are becoming increasingly sophisticated, carefully crafted to obtain sensitive information from specific organizations, or even a particular person.

  4. Webroot Quarterly Threat Update

    Webroot solutions and services continually correlate intelligence from millions of real-world endpoints and internet sensors to identify key threat topics and trends, but what do the numbers really mean? In this report, we’ll examine trends in malware ranging from 2014 through the first half of 2016, as well as their causes.

  5. Cloud 101: Convince Your Clients To Move To The Cloud

    The word “cloud” has become so popular. It applies to almost everything on the Internet. But for some of us, it’s not even clear what the cloud is and when it started. The way you interpret the cloud depends on what kinds of business activities you and your customers are involved in. The reality is you can’t take full advantage of the cloud if you don’t understand the whole galaxy.

  6. How To Commission Your Cloud Sales Team

    The onset of cloud computing has given providers the opportunity to offer monthly subscriptions for their services. This flexible billing method has made it easier for customers to pay a monthly rate for the IT services they need. But for many MSPs like you, this business model has introduced a new way of working which doesn’t necessarily fit with the sales compensation plan you’re used to.

  7. How To Find The Right Cloud Provider

    The market to resell cloud services is hotter than ever. While you might think you can build a decent cloud business on your own, that might not be the best approach. You’d probably be better off joining forces with a trusted cloud provider. But, how do you go about choosing a reliable partner program? There are literally hundreds of them out there and they all seem to be offering the same benefits.

  8. Selecting The Right Security Vendor Partner: 4 Signs You’ve Met Your Match

    Channel partnerships, like many relationships, begin with a great deal of enthusiasm. Sometimes it’s a summer fling, other times it leads to long-term commitment, but how do partners know when it’s truly a match made in heaven? As competition in the managed services sector heats up, today’s MSPs know their continued success depends on more than just offering superior services to their clients.

  9. 7 Things You Need To Include In Your Sales And Marketing Program

    Why do channel partners continue to opt out of sales and marketing programs? This question has haunted vendors for generations as it doesn’t make sense why channel partners continue to ignore extremely profitable opportunities, especially when it’s an easily-attainable incentive.

  10. Fact Sheet: In-House Server Solutions Vs. Cloud Server Solutions

    Buying new hardware can be costly. It’s a big decision and you shouldn’t take it lightly. Take the time to find the best solution for your business. Get your facts right first. It'll pay off in the long run!