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  1. Strategies Bosses Use To Avoid Apologizing

    Where in the world is the school where managers study apology avoidance. It always surprises me when perpetrator-like managers have already built an impressive array of personal apology avoidance habits and language. They don’t get this from their mothers, I know that. I also know those who ignore their mom’s advice deserve what they get.

  2. 5 Ways To Protect A Law Firm’s Data

    Cybercriminals are everywhere, and they target everyone — from SMBs to large enterprises, government agencies, nation states, and even political organizations including the Democratic National Committee (DNC), which announced in June its networks had been breached. Hackers are working 24 hours a day, seven days a week, 365 days a year to find and exploit vulnerabilities that allow them to steal confidential and sensitive data and sell it to the highest bidder. Are some more at risk than others? You bet.

  3. Onboard A Client Successfully With This 6-Step Process

    At some point in the marriage between you and your client, someone might drop the ball.  After this happens, the relationship will sour, and all anyone will want to do is to get away from each other – whether this happens two days before the contract is up or two days into a newly signed contract. 

  4. Before You Hire A Salesperson, Consider These 5 Must-Haves

    You might be opposed to saying it out loud, so we’ll say it for you. Hiring a salesperson can be a terrifying experience.  It’s on par with excavating month-old leftovers from the fridge and almost as bad as living in the same home with your mother-in-law for an “undetermined” amount of time. 

  5. This Multi-Million Dollar MSP Tackles Success From 3 Angles

    Success is a difficult thing to define, and in all honesty, it’s a joke when someone tries to tell you if you’re successful or not.  Success is individual.  It’s personal.  And it’s subjective.  In other words, it is what you say it is. 

  6. Surefire Ways To Differentiate Yourself From Your Competition

    Although it was over 25 years ago, I will never forget the words of my Introduction to Marketing professor when asked to describe the three things it takes to succeed in a marketing place: “Differentiation, Differentiation, Differentiation!” But how to make your organization stand out in a competitive landscape filled with white noise and awash in the notion of “me too” isn’t as easy as it sounds. However, there are some surefire ways to stand out from your competitors.

  7. Considering An Exit Strategy: A Business Legacy Conversation

    We’ve been reviewing some of the information around business valuation and legacy. Part of that includes evaluating how you begin planning for your exit from the business. It will happen someday.

  8. Smart Manufacturing Technology: What It Means To The Future of Business

    Smart Manufacturing technology is more than just a buzz phrase about today’s technology and its role in the future of worldwide manufacturing. The term accurately describes the convergence of every component of manufacturing, particularly access and integration of all relevant data.

  9. Boosting Cashier Etiquette With Cash Management Technology

    Technology gets a bad rap for changing human interaction in unwelcome ways – teenagers using their cellphones at dinner, lack of decorum in social media, and dangerous use of texting while driving, to name a few. So it’s nice when you can point to an example of technology improving human contact.

  10. Coach’s Corner: Great Expectations

    Dear Coach: I struggle with some people on my team not living up to expectations. It’s as if they are not even listening. I’m really getting tired of this and ready to clear the decks and start over. Am I being too hasty?