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  1. 5 Reasons Why RMM Fails Backup Checks

    RMM tools don’t do a great job of reporting on disparate backup systems. MSPs need a far more granular perspective of what’s really going on when it comes to any and all backups. 

  2. The 2016 Outlook For Digital Wallets

    Will 2016 be the year consumers ditch their card-carrying wallets for the digital variety? Will it usher in a trend of merchants adopting NFC (near field communication) technology to process mobile wallet payment transactions? It’s a payment solution several years in the making, but many indicators point to 2016 as the year mobile wallets finally turn that corner in the payments integration landscape.

  3. Transforming IT To Align With Business: A New Model

    IT services providers should consider changing its role by deciding to act as a broker of services for the business, and only bring on board those partners who can very quickly create value. This is the new “Business IT” organization.

  4. What You Can Tell Your Clients When They Ask Why They Should Migrate To Windows 10

    Windows 10 appears to be a winner that should restore Microsoft’s reputation with client operating systems. With an updated, more user-friendly interface and a more secure environment, Windows 10 will benefit any home and enterprise user.

  5. Things To Consider When Using Smartphones For Data Capture

    Purpose-built scanners and mobile computers with integrated imagers deliver fast, accurate scanning.

  6. EMV Is Here: Unprepared VARs Could Lose Customers

    The October 1st liability shift has been at the forefront of the EMV discussion for several months, leading to many questions and much worry from business owners. While the day of the shift has come and gone, there are still a good number of businesses that are not yet EMV compliant. America has been particularly slow in getting up to the world standard for credit card security; most consumers still don’t even have EMV cards.

  7. BlueStar Introduces New SAAS

    Unique subscription program changes the game for Value-Added Resellers.

  8. VARTECH Session Recap: 5 Strategies To Market Your Business

    In today’s changing society, finding new ways to extend your reach and market your business can be a daunting task. The question of which activities are best to focus on and how best to allocate your marketing budget depends heavily on the types of contacts you wish to reach and how much capacity you have to devote to activities such as social marketing.

  9. 5 Common Marketing Mistakes VARs Make

    Marketing mistakes can cost your barcode company time, money, and customers. Find out how to avoid these common pitfalls.

  10. 4 Cybersecurity Predictions For 2016 (And How VARs Can Help Keep Their Customers Protected)

    The increase in breach volume and sophistication is a sign of things to come. Companies must learn from past mistakes and their painful repercussions to protect themselves from cyberattacks. The good news is that the VAR community is in an excellent position to help protect its customers and become major resources for cybersecurity leadership.