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  1. The State Of Local Storage

    Storage is one of those technologies that gets lost in the shuffle. New CPUs with their ever higher clock speeds and GPUs with their increased processing power dominate the headlines to the point that it’s easy to overlook how much storage technology has changed over the past decade. As I walked through the booths at NAB, I gained a better understanding of just how far storage has come, and I got to look a bit into the future of desktop storage.

  2. Ransomware Villains Petya And Mischa Form Unbeatable Team!

    By now we know that ransomware operates by encrypting select files and demanding the victim pay a ransom to decrypt them. A pesky new strain called Petya takes a different approach to wreaking havoc. Instead of encrypting one file at a time, it locks down the whole machine by encrypting the master boot record, which contains all the data needed to load the operating system. Unable to launch the system, victims are forced to make some crucial decisions – fast! The ransom sum doubles after seven days. If you’re thinking Petya sounds like a piece of work, you literally haven’t heard the half of it.

  3. Simple Things You Can Do To Engage Your Current Clients

    Many people like to assert that selling Managed IT Services is in no way, shape, or form sexy.  And to that… we 100% agree.  Tell anyone that you work in Managed IT Services and the only thing they’ll ever think about when they see you is glasses.  It’s inevitable – even if you are a GQ hunk in Calvin Klein underwear, you’re still a nerd.

  4. How To Use The Elephant In The Room To Your Advantage

    We all know the curse of the MSP well – everyone does the same thing, boasts the same features, and promises the same level of service.  We’re all in the same ocean, sinking in a pathetically small boat, and each one of us is paddling desperately to the only life preserver within a 50 mile radius.

  5. 6 Tips For A Better Than Average Newsletter

    As a Managed Service Provider, you’ve got this whole content thing in the bag.  For once in your life, you are the popular kid.  You are king of online engagement, and everything you create drips of interesting, useful, and exciting information.  Right…?  Let’s hope so.

  6. 3 Basic Ways To Generate New Leads

    Marketing is all about vision and risks.  It’s about making connections, delving into the analytics, crossing those fingers, and encouraging creativity.  It’s about forcing your products and solutions to come to life in different ways, for different people.

  7. Combating Biometric Authentication Concerns In Payments

    Concerns about data security in payments have been top-of-mind in recent years, making consumers hesitant to adopt new methods such as biometric authentication. If well-established solutions, such as passwords or PIN numbers, have in the past been compromised, how can they trust biometrics will work any better?

  8. Adapting To The New POS: The Consumer

    As mobile payments continue to gain momentum in the payments industry, it has become apparent that multiple players are reaping the benefits.

  9. 5 Tips To Enhance Your Mobile Retail Experience

    Modern-day consumers are redefining the physical and virtual shopping experiences like never before. A study by InReality found that 75 percent of shoppers use their mobile devices to facilitate in-store trips.

  10. Don’t Get Left Behind in 2016- How To Tell If Cloud Computing Is Right For Your Business

    Whether they are realistic or not, at the beginning of every New Year we all have our resolutions and goals that we want to accomplish. If you are a business owner, these goals are almost always financially driven. If one of your goals is to lower your IT infrastructure costs while increasing employee productivity, mobility, and data accessibility, then keep reading to find out if cloud computing is right for your business. If this isn’t already one of your goals, maybe it should be.