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  1. How The MX Logic End-of-Life Affects MSPs

    There are many times when VARs and MSPs need to select new products to fulfill client needs. One case in particular occurs when a vendor decides to end a product or service. In light of Intel’s announcement that it will end its MX Logic antispam service on January 11th, 2017, many MSPs are looking for a new email security solution to offer to their clients.

  2. In Pursuit Of A Single Version Of Business Truth

    There’s a line about truth from the Rob Reiner film A Few Good Men that’s become iconic. In what’s arguably the courtroom drama’s most memorable scene, upstart Navy lawyer Lt. Daniel Kaffee (played by Tom Cruise) presses decorated Marine Colonel Nathan Jessup (played by Jack Nicholson) for answers.

  3. Don’t Let Uncertainty Destabilize Relationships During M&A Activity

    When it comes to growth, companies have two choices; try to grow organically or acquire the products, market share, geographies, and talent to expand and improve profits through a merger or acquisition. By Christoph Schell, President of the Americas Region, HP Inc.

  4. How Technology Can Improve Operations And Bring Your Business Closer To Your Customer

    OPERATING A BUSINESS IN THE GLOBAL ECONOMY has become increasingly difficult over the last few years. With companies operating globally on at least some level, the impact of these challenges is being felt across all industries and involves entities of all sizes. New compliance and regulations, changing consumer demands, rising transportation costs, and the need for good technology and communication can all affect the way goods move around the globe. These impacts can be felt both in mature and developing markets—but the challenges specific to each can vary greatly.

  5. Healthy Fast Food Chain Speeds Checkouts, Offers Targeted Deals With Help Of Honeywell

    Muscle Maker Grill needed a solution to quickly scan orders and receipts at checkout. The company was using in-line scanners and its employees were having difficulty lining up the barcodes on drink bottles.

  6. Key Trends Shaping The Future Of Logistics

    When it comes to delivering better customer service and optimized labor efficiencies, global T&L firms agree: Investing in new technology is key. And increasingly, that means investing in mobile. That much was clear in a recent research study by Peerless Media commissioned by Honeywell.

  7. Enhancing The Customer Experience: Connected Devices For Field Service Workflows

    WE LIVE AND DO BUSINESS in a highly connected world. That brings clear benefits, such as being able to use real-time data capture and mobile access to applications to create efficiencies, but it also brings potential challenges. The connected customer demands more from retailers, logistics providers and services companies. One bad experience and the customer may leave forever.

  8. Direct Store Delivery Leaders Say: New Technology & Processes Are Critical To Compete

    Survey results show leaders look to system and process improvements to overcome growing challenges.

  9. Giving Your Distribution Center The Competitive Edge - Part 2

    Connected Workers using Connected Technology streamline DC processes and enhance operational efficiencies.

  10. Giving Your Distribution Center The Competitive Edge - Part 1

    Today's DC managers are under increasing stress to streamline their operations and enhance operational efficiencies. They face a myriad of pressures.