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  1. Are You Losing Your Agreements To One Of These Ancient Sales Myths?

    As a company that specializes in MSP sales training and hiring, we’ve found there are ten ancient sales myths that sales professionals still lean on.  Here are three of the top sales myths… debunked, torn down, and run out of town.

  2. Solutions Providers: Consider What You Learned From The Past When You Set Your Course For 2016

    Looking back at 2015, there were a lot of changes — and challenges — in the IT channel. Consider the advice from these leaders at IT channel companies who offer advice on how to approach 2016, keeping in mind lessons learned last year in areas including channel consolidation, cybersecurity, and storage and data.

  3. Network Or Community? IT Solutions Providers, You May Be Missing Out

    The difference between networks and communities is networks connect, communities care.

  4. How You Can Help Your Field Services Clients Add A Preventive Maintenance Program

    Thanks to advancing technology, machines are increasingly complex, which emphasizes even greater need for a mobile management system and strong customer service.

  5. Will You Be Good Looking, Rich And Smart In Your 50s? The Single Best Piece Of “Business” Advice I’ve Ever Received

    Every stage in life should have a separate focus and a primary set of priorities. Basically, there is the right time for everything and at no time should you confuse the priorities. In order to succeed in business (as in life), one should have the “looks,” the “smarts” and the “riches.”

  6. ISVs: Watch These Payment Trends, Seize These Opportunities In 2016

    In this interview, Bill Lodes, First American Payment System’s senior vice president of business development and strategy, provides ISVs with information to help them focus on important payment trends and to meet challenges that continue with EMV adoption and PCI compliance. He also shares top opportunities for ISVs to grow their businesses. 

  7. 7 Tips For Effective, Rewarding CAM Relationships

    If you want an effective, profitable, and sustainable relationship with your vendor, you have to get close to your channel account manager, according to new research by The 2112 Group.

  8. Safer Up High: Selling Customers On The Security Of Cloud-Based ERP Software

    One concern of potential customers regarding cloud-based software is how secure it is — it is online and not in an isolated server, so does the likelihood of an issue occurring increase? Cloud-based services aren’t immune to data loss, either. As a VAR or solutions provider, these will be two of the tougher questions your customers ask.

  9. 5 Insights Into Successful Channel Relationships: The Role Of Humility

    A partnership where both companies are willing to openly express ideas and take calculated risks without penalty is one that is worthwhile, rewarding and mutually beneficial.

  10. 2015 SMB Threat Report

    Are organizations completely ready to stop cyberattacks? A research survey details the security perspective of IT decision makers in the U.S., UK, and Australia on resourcing, preparedness, and management effort expended on cybersecurity by small and mid-sized businesses.