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  1. Get Ready For The Holiday Rush With This Restaurant Checklist!

    Before the start of the holiday shopping season, it seems everyone is making lists and checking them twice to make sure they don’t forget anything that can make the holidays more festive. Restaurateurs also need a plan to make the most of the holiday season and use the momentum they gain from the boost in business to begin a great New Year.

  2. How To Keep Up With Wants And Needs Of Generation Z Consumers

    Just when you finally had a handle on how to cater to baby boomers and millennials, Generation Z is debuting as an important demographic. These consumers born between approximately 1995 and 2010 comprise 25 percent of the U.S. population and pack a collective annual purchasing power of $44 billion.

  3. 5 Tips For Running A Retail Business Or Restaurant Like A Campaign

    This year’s presidential election gave us a lot to think about. Among all of the takeaways from this election year, there is a subtle, yet important one for merchants: you should be running a retail business or restaurant like a campaign.

  4. The Myth Of Threat Intelligence In The Channel, And An Intelligent Hybrid Security Approach

    Over the last year, Threat Intelligence (TI) has become a hot topic for the cybersecurity industry. Organizations of all sizes are looking to the channel to provide recommendations on what to purchase, how to implement, and how to gain the greatest value from TI. It is therefore critical the channel clearly understands what TI is, and how organizations can capitalize on its value.

  5. Warning: What You Need To Know About The Security Workforce Crisis

    Is the shortage of trained security people the greatest vulnerability?

  6. 3 Best Practices For Securing Customer Data At Multiple Locations

    For customers operating from a single location, protecting data, applications, and IT infrastructure can be fairly simple and straightforward. Yet, when a customer has multiple locations, branch offices, or remote workers, data protection and cybersecurity can begin to pose a significant challenge — one savvy MSPs can expertly address when they put the right tools in place and adopt the following best practices for ensuring data security at multiple locations.

  7. 5 Solutions That Can Streamline Your Business Operations

    With technology advancing at a rapid pace, more and more companies are finding it difficult to streamline their operations, often enduring painful consequences. Companies that don’t want to get left behind, stuck in the old days, would be wise to consider implementing these five solutions to keep up with the times.

  8. 7 Important Considerations To Make Before Partnering With A Payments Processor

    Determining revenue share, selecting the best EMV solution for their merchants, and finding the right partner synergy are just some concerns ISVs and VARs have. Following are seven important items you need to review when the time come to partner with a payments processor:

  9. Will Your Virtual Data Traffic Take The Detour Around Your Firewalls?

    We’re soon going to need a new descriptor going forward when we refer to the data center. This rings true because network virtualization across private and public environments means the locations of compute and storage resources to facilitate on-demand networking do not sit statically in what could be considered a typical data center anymore. Virtual workloads now dart around like bees in a field of clover. It’s no longer a question or if but when all of this will affect your network.

  10. Warning: Headache-Inducing Hiring Advice Ahead

    When an article is headlined 5 Interview Questions Every Recruiter Should Ask, it’s pretty much a guarantee I’m setting aside the next several minutes to read it. But before you click on this link to read the article I’m referencing, I implore you to not ask these five questions. Do not accept this article as a best practice — unless you want candidates to recreate the scene in the photo that accompanied the article. The candidate looks like she’s thinking, “Are you people kidding me?”