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  1. Podcast: Insights On The Managed Services Business Model

    To open the Channel Transitions VAR/MSP Executive Conference, powered by Business Solutions, on November 5 at the DoubleTree Orlando Airport, Jim Roddy, president of Business Solutions, asked editor in chief Mike Monocello to share his insights on the managed services business model. Monocello, who has more than 12 years of channel experience, discussed trends, common mistakes he sees managed services providers (MSPs) make, and benefits of the as-a-Service business model.

  2. Top Reasons To Utilize Consultative Services In The Contact Center Space

    There is a longstanding joke in the telecommunication sector: A business owner will believe anything a technician says, as long as he is located 50 miles from the office. If you are in-house, no one listens.

  3. 6 Ways To Get Big Impact Out Of A Small MSP Marketing Budget

    Smaller managed services providers (MSPs) don’t always have the time, expertise or resources to engage in large-scale, sophisticated marketing programs. The good news is it’s possible to have a big marketing impact without a big budget.

  4. mPOS: Where You And Your Merchant IT Customers Are, Where You’re Going

    A lot has changed in retail mobility in the last two years. A panel discussion at BlueStar VARTECH 2015 included a look back at mobile point of sale (mPOS) projections from 2013, how accurate those projections were, and where mPOS is likely to be heading from here.  

  5. Deveraux Developments Reduces Security Costs With Solar-Powered Stratocast™ Cloud-Based Surveillance System

    Leading Construction Developer Combines Stratocast™ Cloud-Based Surveillance System with Solar Power to Economically Enhance Security and Operations across Multiple Sites.

  6. Enjoying The Benefits Of A Variable-Cost Workforce

    Running a successful IT practice is hard work, which is made all the more difficult by the fixed-cost workforce model many IT providers rely on to staff their companies. Indeed, headcount (too high or too low) and quality can severely limit an organization’s ability to scale and succeed. However, there is a paradigm-busting transformational movement in how organizations and companies are completing their work.

  7. 7 Ways To Increase Your Customers’ Awareness Of Cybersecurity

    Moving at the speed of business today means providing immediate access to critical business data and applications, regardless of whether workers are on-site or working remotely. It also means enabling workers to respond quickly to customer and partner requests via e-mail and instant messaging, and leveraging cloud computing to support instant collaboration between workers, customers, and partners in different geographic locations.

  8. All Signs Point To The Cloud: See Why Cloud-Based Security Is Replacing Antivirus

    It’s no secret that businesses of all shapes and sizes have opened their eyes to the importance of cybersecurity in light of what many industry experts have coined the “cyber breach epidemic.” Between the infamous Target breach that affected upwards of 40 million customers in 2014 to Home Depot’s compromise of 56 million credit card numbers, cybercriminals are making a name for themselves and showing no signs of slowing down anytime soon!

  9. Zebra Technologies Brings Direct Data Exchange To The 21st Century

    Zebra Technologies is introducing the industry’s first complete, ruggedized enterprise-grade hardware and software Direct Data Exchange (DEX) solution that connects Direct Store Delivery (DSD) drivers to stores without a rugged DEX cable. With the introduction of Zebra’s new DX30 DEX Bluetooth-enabled wireless key fob – no bigger than a typical automobile key – Zebra has removed physical cables and eliminated common failure points at the wall jack or device. 

  10. 5 Trends In Education Technology That VARs Should Know

    The education market is one of the most complex, challenging verticals in the IT industry. It can also be one of the most rewarding. On one hand, many school districts face shrinking budgets and tighter controls. But on the other hand, implementing the latest technologies can help schools save money – and be more productive. It’s what makes the solution provider channel so valuable!