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  1. Leading Your IT Solutions Provider Business To Stay On Budget

    The benefits of managing a business according to a sales plan and budget are proven and well documented. Companies that submit to this one basic discipline tend to execute better, improve speed in decision making and make better course corrections, all while adding more dollars to the bottom line.

  2. From VARTECH 2015: Marketing Best Practices For The Modern Reseller

    Most everyone in the channel is aware that when VARs complain about vendors, the topic mentioned most is the desire for greater margins. But do you know what I hear most often from vendors when they list the number one VAR area to improve? It’s marketing, hands down.

  3. Why Does The U.S. Need To Transition To EMV Payment Technology?

    As a retail IT VAR, you know as of Oct. 1, liability for fraudulent payment card transactions shifts from card issuers to the party with the least EMV-compliant technology — which could be your merchant client. Some of your clients could still be asking, beyond the liability shift, why the transition is necessary.

  4. IT Solutions Providers: Remember It Takes An Orchestra To Sell

    As a salesperson have you ever considered what role that would be in another industry? I have always envisioned myself as the conductor of an elite orchestra. The conductor’s responsibility is to know the music, to know how each part of the score is supposed to compliment the other parts and instruments, to know the exact moment when they should play and how much energy they should have. It is also the conductor’s job to NOT play any of the instruments. He or she has a job, and the orchestra would fail if the conductor were to try to do too much.

  5. Principles Of Effectively Presenting Your Finances Well To Your Leadership Team

    How do you keep your leaders in the loop about the financials of the business? The importance of the leadership team of any business understanding the current financial state of affairs cannot be understated. As the year progresses and certainty of plans and budgets give way to the reality of actual performance, it is vital that leaders are kept abreast of current conditions on the ground.

  6. A Trailblazer And A Gentleman: Industry Legend Clarence Wiggins Inducted Into The RSPA Hall Of Fame

    Statesman. Diplomat. Consummate Southern Gentleman. Salesman extraordinaire. Businessman. Mentor. Class Act. By all accounts, Clarence Wiggins embodied all of these descriptions, and judging by the impression he left on all who knew him, he lived up to his reputation in every sense of the word.

  7. STS Profile: RetailNOW 2015 Show Floor in Review: Perspectives from RSPA’s Strategic Technologies Solutions Committee

    EMV, the Cloud, Mobile POS: these topics dominated the conversations within RetailNOW® education sessions, but would these trendy subjects have the same sort of dominance on this year’s Show Floor?

  8. RSPA President’s Note : Looking Back At RetailNOW

    I am still floating on an adrenaline rush from RetailNOW® 2015!  It was simply incredible to see, up close and personal, all that this industry and our members are experiencing. There was the opportunity to hear the outlook on the future from some top leaders in the industry; to gain tactical selling skills; see new products in action; learn from the experiences (and presentations) of peers; witness new partnerships evolving and have great conversations (and cocktails) on the show floor. 

  9. Gaining Perspective: Kelly Funk’s 2nd RetailNOW As Leader Of RSPA Inspires Nostalgia And Introspection

    In a rousing opening, RSPA’s President and CEO welcomed the RetailNOW® crowd with plumes of CO2 and an 90’ screen that stretched the length of the stage and beyond. When she got behind the podium, it marked one year since she had taken that same position during her RetailNOW 2014 welcome address.

  10. Crowded Cloud? Goldberg Urges Caution in Partnerships; Encourages Focus on Business Goals By Amber Murdock

    Personal pronouns are important to Bob Goldberg. Not so much the “I” and “me,” but certainly “we” and “us.” He uses them generously when he talks to any RSPA crowd, immediately eliminating any barrier there might be between RSPA’s longtime legal counsel and the reseller segment of the membership. Throughout his general session presentation on Wednesday, August 5, Goldberg’s message was clear: we’re in this together—and while the industry hurtles forward, we must continue to focus on what we'd like our destiny to be.