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  1. Self-Healing Features And Automation Reduce Cost And Improve Margins At Texas Systems Group

    IT security has become a high-stakes game that stretches the resources and skills of many organizations. Firms struggle to keep up with an ever-changing threat landscape as the pool of available security professionals continues to shrink. The SMB customer is particularly vulnerable, competing for talent against larger firms with greater resources and a broader ability to recruit and retain the best people.

  2. Trailblazing MSP SLPowers Boosts Client Protection And Controls Costs

    SLPowers is a leading provider of cost-effective technology solutions that make companies more agile, flexible, and productive by strategically aligning IT with business objectives. Expert builders of technology solutions, they specialize in storage, secure infrastructure, and virtualization. This case study explains how and why the firm chose its cybersecurity product.

  3. Transitioning To Managed Services

    Managed services providers (MSPs) should not underestimate the importance — and core business worth — of establishing an ongoing service relationship with clients. The consistent, long-term revenue stream these relationships enable MSPs to significantly boost the valuation of their businesses. The business-critical nature and customization of the services MSPs can offer their clients combine to reduce churn, maximize customer retention, and boost MSP profits.

  4. Should You Offer Threat Intelligence Solutions As A Part Of An Overall Security Strategy?

    In the current risk climate, protecting your IT clients’ networks and data should involve much more than just antivirus. Including threat intelligence solutions as a part of a security strategy can be of benefit to your clients —  as well as to your solutions provider business.

  5. Are You Advising Your Merchant Clients To Upgrade To NFC Along With EMV?

    Your merchant clients that rely on you as a trusted advisor are turning to you for advice as they upgrade their payment terminals to accept EMV chip cards. One question is which additional features and functionalities could help future-proof their new solutions and protect their investments — and one of the options bound to be a part of that conversation is whether it’s necessary to include near field communication (NFC) technology.

  6. Mobile Devices Are Creating Opportunities For The Channel

    As mobile devices transform the way applications are being built, deployed, and managed, great opportunities are emerging for the channel.  CompTIA presented five mobile opportunities in a research report.

  7. 4 Considerations For Your 2016 Data Center Initiatives

    Technology changes constantly, and it’s up to us to be ready for it all. Here are four significant trends that will shake up the data center in 2016.

  8. Merchant Survey Findings On EMV Knowledge, Perceptions & Readiness

    Last year, OpenEdge conducted primary market research, covering more than 1,000 small- to medium-sized businesses to understand who prepared merchants feel and how the industry is equipping these businesses for EMV.

  9. Cybercrime Rule #1: Machines Are Hard, People Are Soft

    MAXfocus’ Ian Trump wonders why the predicted open season on Windows Server 2003 machines has failed to materialize.

  10. The Dollars And Sense Of Building A Cloud Infrastructure

    Even the smallest customer has big expectations when it comes to a cloud environment. Achieving both service excellence and profitability in the cloud involves careful evaluation and targeted decision making. It requires MSPs to find a workable model for both themselves and their customers.