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  1. Help For Your Help Desk: Five Tips For MSPs

    Whether your customer is facing a business-critical IT issue or is just in need of a little TLC, providing great service with help desk is essential if you want your MSP (managed service provider) practice to thrive. It requires having the right people, technologies, and practices in place — the perfect combination of resources that will allow your team to work fast and get the job done right.


  2. Bank Benefits From Document Capture, Retrieval, Delivery Solution

    Rus Weatherby, information services manager for Great Southern Bank, can provide a long list of benefits from integrating secure document capture, retrieval, and delivery with document management. At the bank’s locations throughout Missouri, Arkansas, Iowa, Kansas, Minnesota, and Nebraska, a solution leveraging Notable Solutions products enable capture, process, and routing of documents and information to the right locations and facilitates on-demand print jobs.

  3. Changes In The Air For Channel Incentive Programs; Resellers Stand To Gain

    Last month, I hosted a webinar during which I talked about parago’s recent survey of channel marketers. One thing our research pointed out was their desire to grow beyond pure sales incentives, and start including the behaviors that support sales. But they also told us they’re having difficulty figuring out exactly how to do that.

  4. VAR Provides Backup Appliances To Healthcare Clients

    Not only do healthcare providers generate enormous amounts of data, but retrieving that data for patient care and complying with regulations to retain that data — as well as regulations for data protection — necessitates the correct backup and storage solution. Jeff Pearring, president of CHATR, a Brooklyn, NY-based reseller, says, “This puts a huge strain on a hospital’s ability to meet requirements. It would mean warehouses full of paper.”

  5. Cloud-Readiness Is Key Criterion For SMBs Seeking Office Space

    What criteria do companies use in selecting office space?

  6. Top Reasons To Specialize And Stay Focused On Services

    People often ask me, “What differentiates a partner and makes one more successful than the other?” Nine times out of 10, my answer is this: Specialization.

  7. XP End Of Life, Security Concerns Lead To Cloud Upgrade For Law Firm

    A managed services provider (MSP) determined that a law firm needing to replace PCs running Windows XP could benefit from moving to the cloud.     

  8. Channel Sales Vendor/Partner Relationships: What Vendors Want

    When a vendor is recruiting you, be aware of and prepared for the specific characteristics they want in a partner. Does your company fit the profile the vendor is looking for?

  9. Top 6 Features Of Tablets For Delivery/Service

    According to a report from VDC Research, mobile workers account for nearly one-third of today’s workforce, surpassing over one billion in 2013. For these workers, mobile solutions are vital tools to stay connected to data, to each other, and to customers.

  10. 6 Essential Considerations For Video Surveillance Technology

    Given the sheer number and variety of cameras and recorders on the market, there are a lot of choices — some might say too many — when it comes to video surveillance technologies. To say that the task of evaluating these technologies to find the right fit for an application is daunting may be an understatement.

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