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  1. The Importance Of Social Media And Digital Marketing For VARs And ISVs

    Success for a VAR and ISV depends primarily on the amount of customers they gain and keep. Like many other industries, one of the biggest challenges VARs and ISVs face is finding the most effective way to market their business to drive customer acquisition. Past marketing tactics included advertisements within industry related magazines, websites, events, and direct mail campaigns.

  2. Does Your Endpoint Security Vendor Set You Up For Success?

    For Stuart Ebner, partner at Proactive Technology Group, the managed services model is all about simple economics and some basic truths. If you can retain a client longer, you’re better off. If you can stop a client from having a major IT issue, you’re building a stronger relationship. And, while you can look like a hero removing malware and saving important data from infected customer computers, it’s better for an infection to never happen. On all of these points, Ebner says, being a Webroot partner allows the MSP to succeed.

  3. The Trends And Benefits Of Smart Cards And Biometric Security Devices

    Everyone is concerned with digital data security today, in one way or another. For every digital advancement, there seems to be a counter development to breach its security. The trust and etiquette that once governed the use of the old telephone party lines would serve us well today, but we cannot count on such protocol for today’s data and communication devices. Additional protection is needed.

  4. Profitable Partnering – 4 Expert Perspectives On Finding Your Niche

    Experts weigh in on creating channel partnerships with vendors, VARs, distributors, and developers.

  5. Profitable Partnering – How ISVs Can Reach Out To Distributors

    Experts weigh in on creating successful ISV channel partnerships.

  6. Profitable ISV-To-ISV Partnering — 4 Expert Perspectives

    Experts weigh in on creating ISV to ISV channel partnerships.

  7. How To Establish Profitable Partnering — 4 Expert Perspectives

    Experts weigh in on best practices and mistakes for channel partnerships.

  8. Top 6 Cloud-based Services Every MSP Should Offer

    As the pace of business becomes faster and competition takes new leaps every passing day, cloud services have become more mainstream, something which small to large businesses can’t do without. In fact, cloud computing had been at the core of the genesis of agile business tools that allow an enterprise to replace on-premises hardware with an internet connection and just a few monthly subscriptions.

  9. The Truth About Crypto Ransomware

    Crypto ransomware is making headlines, lurking in ads on popular websites and shutting down hospitals. Where and when did crypto ransomware burst on the scene, and what does the future hold? In this exclusive interview, Hal Lonas, Chief Technology Officer at Webroot, looks at the evolution of crypto ransomware, what can be done to protect customers from it, and if the FBI is right in advising to pay ransoms.

  10. Switching To Webroot Is One Key To This MSP’s Increased Profitability

    One characteristic of a successful MSP is the ability to be efficient in all operational aspects. There are many components to this, but one of the most critical is leveraging technology that can save you time. Antivirus and endpoint security solutions are important technologies to have as part of your solution set, and can contribute to your overall profitability as long as they perform well.