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  1. Never Enough Time? 5 Key Professional Processes To Automate

    The last 10 years have brought endless new technology into our personal lives. We no longer use maps, phone books, or disposable cameras because smartphones have automated these tasks to require little more than the click of a button on our iPhones.

  2. MAXfocus’s Sobel: Find The Right Mix For MSP Success

    In addition to the insights in his presentation “The Perpetually Valuable MSP” at the ASCII Success Summit on October 23 in Atlantic City, Dave Sobel, the director of partner community for MAXfocus by LogicNow, shares his views on the channel landscape, finding success as a managed services provider, and focusing on business agility — in this exclusive interview with Jim Roddy, president of Business Solutions.

  3. 3 Tips On How To Become A Microsoft SQL Server Licensing Hero

    Recently during a staff meeting, a team member was discussing a boot camp he had just attended focused on Microsoft licensing. He told us that the lead instructor had explained that the licensing status of Microsoft Enterprise customers generally falls into one of two categories: out of compliance or spending more on software licensing than necessary. Of course, virtually all SQL Server users would likely prefer to be in the category of: in compliance and not spending one penny more than necessary on SQL Server software licensing. But as you may already know, getting there is the tricky part.

  4. How To Spot A Cloud Poser

    Cloud computing enables people and companies to access applications from any computer. But the cloud has created a new group of “cloud posers,” software developers who make bold (and untrue) claims about the performance of the cloud-based applications they manage. Can you spot a cloud poser?

  5. The Future Of Fraud Protection: Tokenization-As-A-Service

    According to Gartner, 10 percent of overall IT security enterprise product capabilities will be delivered in the cloud by 2015. Furthermore, 27 percent of those surveyed indicated they were considering deploying tokenization as a cloud service. Gartner believes regulatory compliance measures, such as those related to the Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard (PCI DSS), are driving increased interest in Tokenization-as-a-Service.

  6. Channel Transitions Midwest Panel: Find The Pain

    The advice from the Channel Transitions Midwest VAR/MSP panel on how to make a managed services sale: find the pain.

  7. The New Face Of The American Workforce

    The world of work is changing. The new face of the American workforce and an increasing portion of the international workforce is more independent, more engaged and better able to deliver results, services and products than the traditional monolithic corporation.

  8. The Most Valuable IT Tech Certifications

    Field Nation explores just how valuable a certification is for a tech career, featuring data from the latest results in market interest trends, certification demands, top contractor search results, and the costs associated with earning a certification.

  9. Elastic Expertise: How The Highly Distributed Enterprise Gets Work Done

    Highly distributed enterprises have mastered the ability to deliver their unique products, services and value to customers spread across zip codes, borders, time zones and oceans. With the success of wide reach comes the added need for an equally wide expertise, continuation engineering and support capacity. Whether starting up a new office, updating an entire country’s in-store software or simply having on-demand subject matter experts available when needed, distributed organizations can now take advantage of elastic expertise from Field Nation and GlobalBPO.

  10. The Impact On VARs From Major Changes To Payment

    Because mobile payment is a highly fragmented industry (a June 2014 Business News Daily article lists 26 different options),  it’s best for resellers to actively monitor what’s going on in the market rather than aligning with any one solution at this time. While there is a lot of change in mobile payments, one thing is for sure — a few leaders will emerge. Plus with Apple Pay’s launch last month and MCX CurrentC expected for some time in 2015, it’s too early to predict consumer acceptance and usage.

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