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  1. Why Cloud Solutions Will Be Implemented More Often In Regulated Industries In 2016

    In 2016, organizations in highly regulated industries will increase their use of cloud solutions to support and complement their existing technology infrastructure.

  2. 2016: Tech Leaders Forecast Clouds With Heightened Security Measures

    The maturity of cloud services providers and companies’ attitudes will usher in a critical mass of cloud-first companies in 2016. These companies will wholeheartedly embrace cloud services for almost all their technology needs — including security technologies.

  3. RSPA Introduces New Committee Chairs, 2016 Committee Plans

    Chairs of the Retail Solutions Providers Association’s (RSPA) Strategic Technology Solutions, Education and Certification, EMV, and Membership  Committees share plans for 2016.  

  4. RSPA Presidents’ Note: Big Plans In Store For 2016

    What won’t change during 2016 is that RSPA is here to be the industry’s indispensable resource.

  5. Succession Planning: Think About It Early And Often

    Succession planning is the process of identifying high-potential employees, evaluating and honing their skills and abilities, and preparing them for advancement into positions which are key to the success of business operations and objectives.

  6. ISV IQ Podcast: Best Practices For Software Developers Raising Capital

    Following is an edited transcript of Business Solutions president Jim Roddy’s interview with HomeZada cofounder John Bodrozic.

  7. When ISVs Should Consider The Move From Bootstrap Funding To VCs

    In this Business Solutions podcast, John Bodrozic, cofounder of software developer HomeZada, discusses some of the challenges software developer companies face when raising capital.

  8. New Year, New Goal: Protect Your Business And Your Clients From Cyberattacks

    Cybersecurity has gained some long awaited traction and momentum. The more headlines there are about data breaches, the more stakeholders are paying attention. As your clients look to you for guidance, here are six prevailing security threats businesses need to prepare for in 2016.

  9. Minutes Matter: Mobile Payment Technology Reduces Order Time And Increases Sales For Busy Gastropub

    The ability to get customers in and out in fifteen minutes – as opposed to 30 minutes or longer – has tremendously increased a gastropub's business and cinched more repeat business.

  10. IT Solutions Providers: It’s Training Time Again

    Historically, many companies embrace sales training strategies during the first quarter of most years. This is a great way to kick off the New Year, re-motivate the team, as well as put in place some sound principles to help the team sell more by selling more effectively. Following, find a checklist for you to use as you put your training program together.