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  1. Your Feet Are Too Small

    No, this isn't an article about buying or selling shoes. Rather, the reference I make in the title is to the size of your marketing footprint. In today's very crowded, very competitive sales arena, the team that has the biggest and best marketing footprint is, more often than not, the team that gets the majority of new leads.

  2. Customer Experience Grabs The Spotlight At European Retail Tech Shows

    If there was a prevailing trend discussed at the EuroCIS and RBTE retail tech trade shows this year, it was about making customer interaction easier. Everywhere you turned during the events, someone was talking about checkout solutions and business analytics that can help improve the customer experience.

  3. 4 Reasons Your IT Sales Team Is Losing Customers

    In B2B markets, personal relationships are critical. Companies invest significant time and resources into their sales teams which should use that effort to turn daily users into loyal advocates. After all, sales teams are a driving force when it comes to company growth, retention, and most importantly, keeping clients happy. Yet even the most powerful IT sales functions are often blindsided when a client decides to move on.

  4. Top 5 Trends In Enterprise Labeling

    Third annual survey polled over 600+ supply chain and IT professionals from organizations across all major industries in 32 different countries across the globe.

  5. What’s Important To Merchants?

    Today’s merchants are a bit more astute than previous generations. They better know what they want, when they want it, and it better work as advertised. In this exclusive interview, Patrick Ward, VP of Channel Sales at NAB Velocity, explains what it is merchants are really looking for, as well as how to deliver.

  6. 4 Habits Of Successful Managed Security Service Providers

    Appropriate and effective security mechanisms continue to be a challenge for organizations of all sizes, leading many to look to Managed Security Service Providers (MSSPs) for a solution. The growth in demand for consistent and measurable security solutions is straining the resources of many MSSPs, who have been hampered by a focus on product features instead of customer outcomes. Compounding this is the significant, and growing, shortage of qualified cyber-security professionals.

  7. Expanding The Role Of The Trusted Advisor Through Cash Management

    One of the biggest challenges retailers face is the cost of handling cash. Between counting cash repeatedly, reconciling cash drawer amounts, and transporting bills and coins to the bank, a lot of time and money is spent on managing the process. In a recent conversation with a Tier 1 retailer, we learn they count/handle cash up to 22 times from the time of receipt to the time of deposit.

  8. Looking For A Cure: IT Security And Compliance In Healthcare

    Every day we hear about new struggles in healthcare. One ongoing concern is the Zika virus, a growing problem that the World Health Organization recently deemed a global public health emergency and has caused the CDC to issue travel alerts. But there is another problem plaguing healthcare that affects every single one of us, every day — the security of the information infrastructure that enables modern healthcare to exist.

  9. 5 Reasons You Can’t Afford Not To Charge More For Your Services

    Pricing is a touchy subject for many, including your prospects. People tend to shy away from discussing money for one reason or another. Unfortunately, in business, this is not the right attitude and pricing should be at the forefront of your mind with all of your engagements.

  10. Will NFC Or QR Codes Win The Mobile Wallet Battle?

    An increase in global mobile payment transactions is expected this year with the growth of its total value of transactions predicted to be by 210 percent, according to eMarketer. Needless to say, the future looks good for proximity mobile payments technologies.