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  1. 8 Field Service Trends To Look Out For In 2016

    In 2015, field service saw the expansion of the Internet of Things (IoT) and the boom of Big Data. The growth of new companies and technologies have made it easier for service businesses to offer customers strong service programs and deliver more uptime for equipment end users.

  2. Automatic Updates: Set It And Forget It … I Don’t Think So

    It’s true that vendors have built automatic updating capabilities into their systems. As a result, many organizations have used a combination of Group Policy Objects, free Windows Update Services,  and adjusting the corporate image of some products to do automatic updates. Sadly, these organizations are under the mistaken impression that they are managing their IT.

  3. Compliance-as-a-Service Can Drive Vertical Market Opportunities

    How well does your IT firm support legal firms, banks, retailers and other customers? Not just their computers, networks, and the applications that manage their information and allow them to run their daily operations — but everything they need to meet local, state, and federal regulations as well as industry guidelines. That’s the ultimate recipe for channel success.

  4. Integrating Cash Recycling Into POS Systems

    If you think credit and debit cards are about to displace cash for retail transactions, think again. Legal tender remains the most commonly used form of payment, accounting for about 40 percent of transactions overall, up to two- thirds of purchases under $10, and half of transactions valued at less than $50. So while plastic and electronic payments have been hailed as the currency of the future, the oft- predicted cashless society is nowhere in sight.

  5. How To Take The First Step Toward Providing IoT Solutions

    The Smart VAR Summit: Age Of Intelligence — IoT, Cloud, & Mobility Convergence, powered by ScanSource, Zebra Technologies, and Business Solutions, was filled with advice for integrators and solutions providers on how to deliver Internet of Things (IoT) solutions to their clients.

  6. Application Development: Creating Trust From The Ground Up

    Businesses are enjoying significant new levels of efficiency with the adoption of cloud-based services and mobile computing. These trends have grown at astonishing rates, lowering costs, and creating growth in almost every industry.

  7. 4 Changes To Expect From The EMV Liability Shift

    After a four-year head start, the Oct. 1, 2015 EMV deadline came and went with little fanfare. Only about 30 percent of credit and debit cards are currently EMV (Europay, MasterCard and Visa) enabled, according to eight financial institutions surveyed by the Payments Security Task Force. That number is expected to double by year’s end and increase to 98 percent at the close of 2017, when the liability shift goes in effect for gas stations.

  8. What Effect Are M&As Having On The Channel?

    M&A is definitely the buzz in the channel today. Not only on the IT managed services provider (MSP)/solutions provider front, but also in the vendor/cloud provider area as well. Things are changing rapidly as companies acquire, merge, partner, or find any number of ways to combine forces. The landscape changes daily, and the discussion is about where the next deal will come from. 

  9. 3 Big Changes At The Checkout Now That The EMV Liability Shift Date Has Passed

    The EMV liability shift deadline has come and gone. That means all U.S. businesses using non-EMV-compliant technology will be held responsible in the event of a fraudulent payment card transaction. While these new cards may be unfamiliar to shoppers stateside, it’s a transition that many other countries have successfully made.

  10. Bottlecraft Drafts PowaPOS And Kounta To Serve Up Tablet POS Solution

    With its massive inventory of craft beer and dual store locations, San Diego-based Bottlecraft was seeking a POS solution that would help them better manage the business and enhance customer service, while also complementing the stores' sleek design aesthetic.  With the combination of Kounta POS software and PowaPOS hardware, Bottlecraft found the perfect tablet POS solution to meet - and exceed – its expectations.