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  1. The Future Of The Internet — CDN And The Investments Your Site Requires

    When you think of the future of the internet, you probably think one thing: life will be spectacular. A social media platform that identifies when people are lying about how awesome their lives are and iPads that double as hover boards would be spectacular, indeed.

  2. The 4 Ts Of Marketing

    Each year we train hundreds of MSPs from across America and even a few internationally.  Our training covers all facets of business, tailored towards the IT industry, and our members come to us for advice on all things business-related, from management and culture to sales and accounting. 

  3. Unified Communications System Solves Phantom Calling And Quality Issues At Small Pet Hospital

    Businesses with multiple locations, call centers, complex call requirements, and extensive feature customizations often require a more sophisticated and expensive business communications system. But what about the average, single-location small business with less than 10 employees and relatively simple call requirements? They also deserve the same access to advanced unified communications (UC) features, with the versatility and affordability of a leading-edge VoIP business solution.

  4. A Cloudy Situation: Meeting The Security Needs Of SMEs

    Fear, Uncertainty, and Doubt (FUD) have been used by IT security vendors to scare customers into buying their products for many years. This continues to be an effective tactic even now, but the only difference is that vendors don’t have to try very hard — the stream of cyber-attack and global data breach headlines does the job for them.

  5. 3 Ways A Managed Services Mindset Can Boost Your Bottom Line

    By now, you have probably thought about what you need to move your business toward a managed services model. Maybe you are already on your way or know it’s something you need to get going on, but aren’t sure how to start. To begin your journey, you must first adopt the mantra of: “think like a consultant, deliver like a tech.” Remember moving to a managed services mindset doesn’t mean you have to give up troubleshooting and upgrading new equipment for your clients; in fact it is actually vital to keeping your clients happy on a long-term basis! 

  6. 4 Reasons Retail VARs Need To Focus On In-Store Mobility

    Renewed focus on IT in brick-and-mortar retail stores was one of the major themes emerging from NRF 2016, the National Retail Federation’s Retail BIG Show. Other trends that continue to create buzz across the industry are mobile POS, omnichannel retailing, and a strong focus on the customer experience as a competitive differentiator.

  7. How Barcoding Oversaw United Rentals’ Deployment of 2,500 New Mobile Devices

    Although many companies have internal project management teams, it is often most efficient to turn to outside resources to support large-scale solution deployments. Recently, United Rentals, Inc. did just that.

  8. E-Myth’s Gerber To VARs: Step Outside Your Comfort Zone, Find Your Life’s Work

    In this exclusive Business Solutions interview, renowned small business guru Michael Gerber says solutions providers need to change their mindset. They need to move beyond the day-to-day distractions of their business, find their passion, and pursue their dream.

  9. 12 POS Jargon Terms You Should Know

    Jargon – curse or blessing? That really depends on how much, and in which context, you use it. No question, jargon can be effective among people who share common interests and knowledge, providing a kind of shorthand that gets the job done without lengthy explanations.

  10. Using Business Rules To Find New Revenue

    While the widespread adoption of cloud computing and Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) is a threat to existing on-premise applications and independent software vendor (ISV) business models. It’s also an opportunity for ISVs to step up and meet market needs as there are numerous ways ISVs can work to not only meet those needs, but boost overall revenue.