Security Executive Commentary

  1. Anti-spam: Why Prevention is better than Cure
    By David Kelleher, communications and research analyst, GFI
    Spam is a waste of time and resources. Filtering the genuine email from the spam on a daily basis wastes a sizeable amount of time (and, therefore, money) over the span of a year. Installing an anti-spam filter will provide the necessary blocks needed to ensure that minimal time is spent sifting through unwanted...
  2. Disguising Malware: Spammers Begin Experimenting with URL Shortening Services
    By Bradley Anstis, director of technical strategy, Marshal8e6
    Over the past few years, there has been an explosion in the use of social networking sites like Facebook and LinkedIn and the massive microblogging site Twitter — both among consumers and business users. These sites allow users to easily connect with friends, family, past colleagues, and new business prospects...
  3. 10 Ways Small Business Can Improve Security During a Recession
    “Last year, mid-market companies spent 9.4 percent less on security than they did in 2007,” according to a report from Cambridge, Mass.-based Forrester Research. “Many small and mid-market companies are looking to continue to tighten IT budgets in 2009, however, one area where spending will increase...
  4. Antivirus Is Not Enough
    Protecting critical information is critical to a business’ success. Like their enterprise counterparts, small businesses safeguard their data to stay ahead of the competition and remain profitable. However, while they understand the need for security, small businesses often do not have the staff or time to...
  5. Selling Security In A Contracting Economy
    Why is it so important that customers invest in security in a contracting economy? How do you convince business owners to spend hard dollars on a product that, in their eyes, may have no immediate return; or a product that does not fall under the traditional “anti-virus, anti-spam” security umbrella? Up ...
  6. Ten Things Resellers Should Know about Email Archiving
    Ask any solution provider about the value their customers place on email, and it will be abundantly clear that email is not just a communication tool but also a cache of knowledge about their business. The typical reasons to implement email archiving are capacity management to reduce the storage demands of the email...
  7. Philosophies of Spam Solutions
    While spam by the billions reaches out to users around the globe, they are scanned, blocked, deleted, sorted, filtered, rejected, quarantined, moved, dropped, replied to, and bounced by a panorama of spam solutions and email systems as varied as they are many. Accompanying the ubiquity of spam is a mixed bag of...
  8. Securing Mobile Devices from Malware: Paradise Not Lost
    Mobile devices are coming at you from every angle – your C-level executive is in love with his iPhone; your sales rep has purchased a new netbook on Verizon’s $99/month plan; it goes on and on. What is common is that they want to take these devices to work and expect you to develop ways to support these...
  9. Solutions Providers: Don't Waste A Good Recession
    Economic woes are all around us. Solution providers need only glance at a newspaper, turn on their television, or engage in a conversation with a customer or family member and inevitably the feared words “recession,” “economic crisis,” “sales losses” will arise. All of this has no...
  10. Battling The Rising Business Costs Of Cybercrime While Protecting Valuable Data
    Cybercrime is on the rise, with data breaches becoming more frequent and more severe. This “cybergeddon”1 comes with a hefty price tag for businesses. The 2008 United States “Annual Study: Cost of a Data Breach”2 report of the Ponemon Institute found that the average cost of an incident is...
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